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For Precision Weighing, Shimadzu Are Better On Balance

The For precision weighing, Shimadzu are better on balance

Since the start of 2016, we have been expanding and improving our range of analytical balances and lab scales at Marsden. The range of precision scales we sell is manufactured by Shimadzu - who are well-known for highly accurate weighing equipment for very small items.

One of the first companies to order from our range of Shimadzu scales in 2016 was Keim Paints, based in Telford, Shropshire.

Highly accurate

Keim Paints use their Shimadzu BX to weigh out pigment when creating colours for their range. The BX has an accuracy of 0.1g but with capacities right up to 52kg. In-built Windows Direct software means the weighing data can be instantly transferred to an Excel sheet.

Production Manager Kelvin told us: “We decided to go with Shimadzu because it was one of the few companies that do the specific kind of accurate scale that we need - 0.1g.

“Other scales we looked at didn’t reach the criteria we were looking for, but Shimadzu did.”

Small increments

In order to create paint colours, small amounts of pigment are mixed together to form the basis for a colour, before this pigment mix is added to white.

“It is very important in our production area to have such accurate scales and with such small increments in grams. Our colours have very specific ingredients,” Kelvin told us.

“In a small to medium mix like 5 kgs to 25kgs even a tiny amount like 0.2 grams too much pigment added can mean a big difference. For instance, if a colour needs 1.5 grams of red to be accurate, and we put in 2 grams, this is a whole 25% extra and this would ruin the colour. We would then need many more alterations to recorrect.”

“On the other side of the scale if a colour need 6,782 grams of pigment then an extra 10 or 20 grams wouldn’t really make much difference as it’s less than 1%.”

Better flow of production

In terms of how the BX has improved the workflow at Keim Paints, Kelvin told us the Shimadzu analytical balance has sped up processes.

“Having an extra set of scales in production is very helpful. There are multiple people working to make different colours so if a person has his own scales he doesn’t have to wait for a set to become available, which used to happen before.”

“Now, a better flow of production can be achieved, and more colours completed by the end of day.”

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the range of Shimadzu precision balance scales click here or contact us.