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Marsden M-300 Baby Scale Provides Precise Readings For Little Bellies Lactation

M-300 Baby Scale provides precise readings for Little Bellies Lactation

The Marsden M-300 is the baby scale of choice for many hospitals and midwives. This one-piece unit is lightweight, battery powered and easy to carry around with an optional CC-400 Carry Case.

We receive enquiries from lactation consultants around the world, but particularly in Britain and in the United States, for the M-300 Class III Approved Baby Scale. Carolyn Hose, a lactation consultant from Virginia, USA made one of these enquiries – and ordered the baby scale for her new business.

After she made the purchase, we contacted her to find out how she was finding the scale.

Recommended around the world

“I recently started a lactation private practice in the US, called Little Bellies Lactation,” Carolyn told us. “I heard about the Marsden scale through Lactnet, an online discussion group for lactation consultants around the world.

“The M-300 was being discussed as comparable to Medela and Tania scales which many lactation consultants used – and the Marsden scales are much more affordably priced. As a new business owner, that was very important to me.”

Portability is great for home visits

Carolyn continued, “As an IBCLC (board certified lactation consultant), the scale is mostly used to keep track of an infant’s breast milk intake and track the weight of the baby to determine optimal growth while breastfeeding.

“I love the design! It is very portable which is great for home visits. It is easy and stable when a baby lays on it, and it is very easy to use.

“The scale is also very accurate. I used to work in a hospital where the nursery scale was accurate within a gram so having a scale for my business that is almost equivalent is necessary. I also love the price – which is half of what it would cost to buy a Medela scale.”

The M-300 baby scale has a 15kg capacity and is accurate to 2g. It can be ordered by clicking the link below.

‘My granddaughter thought it was great’

The scale is powered by 1.5V AA batteries, providing more than 600 hours’ of operation.

“I’ve only just started the business, and I am looking forward to using the scale soon with my clients,” Carolyn concluded. “I know it will be portable, easy to use and clean so that will be very helpful.”

“I have used the scale once so far, with my very precious granddaughter, Avery, who is 8 months old – and (as you can see from the picture) she thought it was great too!”

For more information about the Marsden M-300 baby scale and to order, click here.

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