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Terex - Plant Machinery Bespoke Scale

Terex Bespoke Scale

When heavy duty construction vehicle manufacturer Terex needed a tough, plus-sized weighing system to weigh trucks and diggers, they asked Marsden to create something bespoke.

They needed a weighing system that gave a reading for each wheel, and then a total weight for the vehicle. Our off-the-shelf axle weigh pads - perfect for cars, vans and lorries - were just a little bit too small. Terex diggers dwarf the average family car, so Marsden needed to create something that had a large capacity, plus the strength and durability to handle daily use.

The Terex bespoke scale was created by using four mild steel platform scales, fitted with ramps and connected to one indicator that provided accurate weight readings to the nearest 10kg. Total capacity is 10,000kg. The platform scales are reinforced and have a durbar surface, so they’re perfect for the job.

Bespoke platform scale for Terex

The Terex custom weighing system was needed at short notice. We were able to build the scale over a week, then deliver it to Terex, testing it ourselves before it was put into full service - which gave the Terex team plenty of peace of mind!

If you need a custom weighing system for heavy plant machinery, you can discuss the specification and requirements with the Marsden team on 01709 364296.