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Marsden P-JDI Does Not Go To Waste at WEEE Solutions Ltd

P-JDI Does not go to waste at WEEE solutions

The Marsden P-JDI is a mild steel platform scale with an easy-to-use touchscreen indicator. Available in a choice of capacities - up to to 3000kg - it is perfect for weighing large items. The P-JDI also has two RS-232 ports and four USB ports, so weighing data can be transferred directly from the scale to a computer or printer.

WEEE Solutions Ltd are a waste management company in Scotland and Northern England, and their services include the disposal of electronic, confidential and hazardous waste. We spoke to their Technical Director, Hugh O’Neill about how the P-JDI has improved traceability and helped them meet environmental regulations.


WEEE Solutions have long-admired the reliability of Marsden products, and after their previous Marsden platform scale gave them accurate weight readings and improved processes they chose to invest in another.

“We bought a similar pallet scale from Marsden ten years ago with an LCD display”, began O’Neill “this new scale will take the place of the old scale… hopefully for another 10 years!”

“The old scale did not have as smart an indicator panel. The P-JDI also has the advantages of printing and being able to feed data into a PC or laptop.”

The six output points mean that the GP-2120 printer - available as an extra - can be connected and used to print sticky labels, or the u-key cable can be used to send the data directly to a PC. The USB ports allow USB sticks to be inserted into the scale.

Useful printout features

“Along with the printout facilities we also found the most useful features of the scale to be programmability and its bright display” continued O’Neill.

The scale has an internal memory to store information such as unit weights, in order to speed up the counting and weighing process.


Uniquely, WEEE Solutions have also used the P-JDI as part of their security system.

“We also put our own video camera onto the scale readout and feed that picture into our video recording security system. That’s why a backlit display was one of the boxes to tick. And we have another camera of ours positioned above the scale that videos the fork truck drivers placing the loads on and off the scale.”

“The Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) need to see what waste come in and out and what the weight was, who performed the task and what the waste looks like - and it should all tally up with the printout from the indicator panel.”

“The biggest difference to our operation is traceability. We can observe the waste coming in (or out) on video and being weighed; the indicator is on video; we will get a weight printout from the indicator; and the same reading data will be sent to a laptop or a PC.”

Unfortunately the P-JDI is no longer available. Click here to view our platform scales.

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