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For over 90 years, both the UK medical profession and British industry have relied on Marsden for reliability, accuracy and value for money.

Today, you’ll find Marsden Weighing Scales around the world, from the United States to Africa - and we’re now proud to be able to meet just about any weighing need.

Marsden is the only British manufacturer of medical weighing scales that offers a one stop solution to our customers: manufacturing, sales and service of weighing equipment. We are the leading supplier of weighing equipment to NHS hospitals, and all our professional medical scales are Class III Approved.

Marsden offers a complete bespoke weighing scale manufacturing service. Our factory in Yorkshire is fully equipped to build a custom weighing machine tailored to your needs. We've already supplied bespoke scales to companies like Terex and Grant's Whiskey.

Marsden scales are used by the UK’s leading slimming groups. Portability, ease of use and robustness mean Marsden gym scales have become the scales of choice for weight loss consultants.

Marsden is a market leader in telehealth scales. Many of the medical scales in our range are available with Bluetooth connectivity. Marsden scales form an integral part of telehealth initiatives in the UK band across Europe.

Marsden veterinary scales are used by the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs & Cats’ Home. We have one of the largest ranges of veterinary scales in the UK - with Marsden animal scales used by vets, breeders, pet owners, zoos and shelters.

Marsden industrial scales cater for almost any need. From platform scales to parcel scales and everything in between, some of the biggest names in industry use Marsden scales. And if you can’t find what you need in our range - our factory is equipped to build bespoke scales.

We want to be sure we continue to meet, and exceed, the needs and expectations of our customers. This has been the company ethos since 1926 and, through moves from our original offices in London to Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the opening of the Marsden factory in 2001 and always investing in new technologies, we have continually evolved to ensure we remain competitive in price as well as quality.

Marsden scales are available in 23 countries around the world.

Marsden is a member of the UK Weighing Federation. Additionally, we are accredited by the following bodies:

SGS Limited (UKAS Accredited Notified Body No. 0120) against the provisions of ISO 9001:2015.

SGS Limited (UKAS Accredited Notified Body No. 0120) against the provisions of Directive 2014/31/EU, Annex 11.2, to undertake EC Declaration of Type Conformity.

Our social responsibility is under regular review. All our devices comply with the European WEEE Directive on reducing electronic waste. Our company vehicles are chosen based on their low emissions. Each year, we set a target for donations to charity - Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Veterans With Dogs have been just two of our beneficiaries. Plus, we are actively reviewing our environmental policy. Want to work with Marsden? We’re always open to new ideas. Whether you have a partnership proposal, would like to apply to become an official Marsden distributor, or you’re interested in using Marsden products. Speak to our team on +44 (0) 1709 364296.