5 great weighing scales for pharmacies

As you may already be aware NHS England are attempting to extend the availability of primary health checks to pharmacies.

We are seeing both national and independent pharmacies embracing the initiative to offer health checks, so with this in mind we have put together a list of five digital weighing scales perfect for use in health checks.

If you would like more information about the NHS Health Checks, please click here.

body fat analyser

Marsden MBF-6010-CB Body Composition Analyser

The Marsden MBF-6010 would be the perfect scale to have in any pharmacy. With a coin box fitted customers would need to insert 50p in order for the scale to turn on, meaning that with every person that gets weighed, your pharmacy will earn a small profit.

The MBF-6010 is a column scale which makes it suitable for weighing patients of all ages as the weight is clearly displayed on a hip height indicator, rather than on a dial on the floor, making it easy to see.

This scale is also Class III approved which means that it is suitable for use within medical environments and pharmacies. With the coin box and medical approval it means that the pharmacist can participate in NHS preventive health programmes.

The scale comes with a printer as standard which means users can print out their results. The MBF can measure body composition, basal metabolic rate (BMR), total body water (TBW), fat free mass (FFM), fat mass (FM), body fat percentage, weight and BMI.

For more information on the MBF-6010, please click here.

column scale

Marsden M-100-CB Column Scale

The M-100 is a uniquely designed Class III scale which would be ideal for use in any pharmacy. Following a similar principal to the MBF-6010, users would have to insert 50p each time they stood on the scale. Also with Class III approval, this scale is suitable for pharmacists to use in the NHS health check programme.

The unique design of this scale with a corner mounted height measure makes the indicator nice and clear to see. This scale also features a wide base making this scale suitable for weighing both geriatric and bariatric patients.

This scale has a simple weighing mode, tare, hold and BMI. With an integrated printer as standard customers are able to walk away with all of the records that the scale displayed.

For more information on the M-100-CB, please click here.

floor scale

Marsden M-430 Adult Weighing Scale with Optional Bluetooth

The Marsden M-430 is a portable and lightweight adult weighing scale which is perfect for a wide range of applications. This Class III scale has been vastly popular with community health visitors and health centres and for remote monitoring of patients. In recent months we have had a huge spike in popularity for this scale. - particularly because the Bluetooth-enabled version - which you can see here - is great for telehealth programmes.

With its portable size and optional carry case it can be stored away easily after use, meaning a large area of your pharmacy will not be taken up with a scale. Like all medical scales in the Marsden range it's Class III approved. 

The M-430 has a capacity of 200kg and graduations of 200g.

For more information on the M-430, please click here.

adult weighing scale

Marsden M-550 Low Cost Adult Weighing Scale

This low cost Class III scale would be the perfect addition to any pharmacy. This is a real alternative to any mechanical scale which are usually used in pharmacies and GP surgeries.

With an accuracy of 200g, the M-550 is actually five times better than the weighing performance of mechanical scales. It also has a wide weighing platform to accommodate the larger patient.

The most important feature of this low cost scale is that it is Class III compliant, so it meets all the legal requirements of weighing patients, making it suitable to monitor the weight of patients in your pharmacy.

For more information on the M-550, please click here.

medical weighing scale

Shimadzu TX20 Analytical Balance

The TX20 is a highly precise Class III approved analytical balance perfect for use in pharmacies. This scale can make everyday weighing as easy as possible. With graduations weighing down to as accurate as 0.001g you can be assured what you are weighing will be precise.

With this scale and the optional printer at the push of a button it can produce a calibration report, which can be stored as proof that your scale is working in perfect condition.

The TX20 also features an RS-232 port and has Windows Direct software, so with the push of a button the weight can be transferred to a spreadsheet without having to have additional software.

This scale has a counting function which can cut down dispensary time. So for example, you can input the weight of one tablet, then weigh a batch and it will tell you how many tablets are there. Alternatively using the Hi/Go/Lo function you can set a target value and pour out an amount, and it will tell you if you are on target or not, then tell you where to increase or decrease the volume.

For more information on the TX20, please click here.

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  • Jake White

    We are trying to get a scale at our new medical centre, and just wanted to hear about some good options that other businesses like. The Marsden M-430 seems like it has been popular with health centres for remote monitoring of patients. This seems like a great investment for us, so thanks for sharing!

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