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As our nation - and the world - increasingly struggles with obesity (25% of UK adults are now classed as obese) interest in body fat scales has soared.

No longer are those wanting to get trim and healthy simply relying on weighing scales to monitor their progress.

These days, more sophisticated devices are wanted. From bathroom scales with BMI functions to all-singing, all-dancing body fat scales costing thousands, you can now understand your body composition in an instant.

At Marsden we have our own range of body composition and body fat scales; they’re Class III Approved - accurate and reliable enough to be legal for for medical use in GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals - and our MBF range is closer to the ‘gold standard’ accuracy of DEXA than any other body composition scale we’re aware of.

But how useful are body composition scales and body fat scales? Are they really worth the extra investment - or are you better off sticking with a standard set of cheap bathroom scales (or a Class III floor scale if it’s for medical use)?

In our latest white paper, Body Composition Scales: Why They're A Complete Guide To A Healthy Body, we’ve looked at each reading most commonly available from a body composition or body fat scale, and unravelled what the readings actually mean.

Remember: Weight is just one part of the overall picture.  It’s only when you start looking at your Body Fat Percentage, BMI, Total Body Water and more that you really begin to build a picture of your body health.

You can download the case study by clicking the link below. Alternatively, if you need help with choosing a body composition scale or body fat scale give our team a call on 01709 364296.

Marsden's body composition scales can be viewed here.

Download the body composition scales white paper

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