Column scales: We've made choosing them easier

Column scales are often favoured by hospitals because the weight display is much easier to read, many come with height measures, and features such as printers and BMI calculation are often included too.

They can also be found in gyms and health clubs, because they provide a quick and easy weight reading for members without the need to bend down, as is the case with floor scales.

But which column scale to choose?

Taking into account the different variations available, the Marsden range includes eight column scales. The choice increases to eleven if you include our body fat scales, and 14 if you include our gym scales. To help you choose the right column scale for your needs, we’ve put together a handy comparison chart.

The chart compares all the column scales alongside each other, so you can work out which one has the right capacity of gradations for your needs. You can then see at-a-glance whether it has the extras - like printer, BMI calculation or height measure - that you need.

All of the column scales in the Marsden range are digital - and those from our medical scales range are Class III Approved, making them legal for medical use. All are designed to be low maintenance, long lasting and easy to use.

A number of our column scales have wheels fitted to make it easier to move them from room to room. The M-100 has a special corner design, meaning it can be fitted into the corner of a consulting room.

Our MBF-6010 Body Composition Scale measures Fat Mass (FM), Total Body Water (TBW), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and more.

For gyms, we have three options in total. The M-130 - the most recent addition to the gym scales range - has an internal memory and integrated height measure.

Simply decide upon the features, capacity and graduations you need your column scale to have, and then compare each option on the chart.

To view and download the comparison chart, simply click on the link at the bottom of this blog post.

To view the range of Marsden column scales, click here. If you need any help with choosing from our range of medical scales you can contact the Marsden team here.

Column Scales Comparison Chart

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