Our new videos show how easy recording weight data is

There’s no need to spend thousands on pounds of complex systems if your business needs to record weight or count data from your weighing scales.

At Marsden, we’ve a growing range of affordable data transfer solutions - and you can now see some of them in action in our latest videos.

The videos cover two platform scales - the P-JDI and the P-JIK (the latter is available as either a Trade Approved or non approved scale) - and the new GP-3120 Sticky Label Printer.

Both of these platform scales work with our u-key solutions. We have a standard u-key and a wireless  u-key available - both allow you to send the weight or count data directly from the scale to a computer. The data can populate an open document like an Excel spreadsheet, or a central database.

You can use these scales for recording weight of out-going or in-coming shipments, showing compliance or, because these platform scales have counting functions too, speeding up inventory checks.

GP-3120 printer is our new sticky label printer, slightly wider than the Godex and GP-2120 printers. This printer allows you to print sticky labels - and again is compatible with JDI and JIK scales (please contact us on 01709 364296 if you want to order the GP-3120 with a JIK scale). Standard width for sticky labels from any of our printers is 56mm x 56mm, however you can go bigger with the GP-3120 - just call us for more information about this.

The great thing about these printers is - particularly if you’re using the P-JDI - labels can be set up as you want them.  For example, if you simply need a label with date, time and count information only - these printers can do it.

Using a sticky label printer with the P-JDI means you can choose the layout, text size and even add product information. Barcodes can also be added to labels when using the P-JDI with a printer.

So how much more affordable are Marsden’s solutions for recording weight? As an example, you can currently order the P-NA-JIK - which is the non-approved platform scale with the JIK indicator - with a 1000mm x 1000mm base and 3000kg capacity, and a sticky label printer set up to print labels as you want them - for just £515.50+VAT.

To watch the new videos, click below. Call Marsden on 01709 364296 for more information about recording weight or count information from weighing scales, or take a look at our Data Transfer section.

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