Here's why the M-550 makes a great GP scale

Inaccurate, unstable, ‘not fit for purpose.’ Mechanical GP scales have had much criticism levelled at them in recent years.

Not least by the National Legal Metrology Project report, which voiced concern for patient safety in 2015 when it revealed many doctors were still using these out-dated weighing machines.

This year, Marsden released the digital alternative. The M-550 is Class III Approved, lightweight and accurate to 200g - in fact, it’s five times more accurate than the mechanical GP scales it’s designed to replace.

A 200g weighing scale allows you to see small differences in a patient’s weight. Essential for monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment purposes.

To get a real idea of why the M-550 is a must-have for GP surgeries, we spoke to one of the very first M-550 customers: Church Lane Surgery, in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

“The foot space is larger, so if you are weighing a patient with poor balance, it’s easier to get them on and off the scales,” Helen Pearson, Practice Manager at the West Yorkshire surgery told us. One of the biggest issues of the mechanical GP scales the M-550 was designed to replace is that the foot space was rather small - and for larger patients, the GP would need to stand behind them to ensure they didn’t topple off!

“The Health Care Assistants are really impressed with the M-550 scale, Helen added.” Another key benefit of the M-550 is it’s so easy to use, and the weight display is large, clear and reliable.

The M-550 has a 160kg capacity so it’s capable of weighing most patients, and also includes a BMI function - meaning you can do away with working out BMI using pen and paper!

Our new video for he M-550 was filmed at Church Lane Surgery, too - you can watch it to get a real idea of how the scale works, as well as order your M-550, here.

You can read the full M-550 case study here.

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