Is to lose weight your New Year's resolution? We're here to help

The top two New Year’s resolutions made every year are a) to get fit and b) to lose weight.

It’s likely if you are reading this blog post, that your resolution will be at least one of these two. Or you’ll be an individual or part of an organisation which is helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

At Marsden we’ve put together a number of helpful resources in order to help you monitor your weight effectively - and know exactly what you need to know. Here’s what you can do.

Download our free posters and white papers

During the last eighteen months we’ve put together blogs, infographics and white papers to help with weight loss and getting the most from weighing scales. You can download these by clicking the links below.

‘What is BMI?’ poster: Our free poster tells you all you need to know about BMI, how to find out if you are overweight and the potential dangers to your body if you are an unhealthy weight.

BMI chart: When you are ready to calculate your BMI, our free chart is here to help. All you need to know is your height and weight and the poster will do the rest - calculating your BMI and then letting you know if you are underweight, overweight or a healthy weight.

Body composition white paper: Our free downloadable white paper provides a comprehensive guide to body composition, from body water to muscle mass. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be able to understand your body composition scale readings with ease.

‘Three golden rules of gym weighing’ poster: Before you are ready to weigh, our ‘golden rules’ poster will give you a handful of things to consider to give you a true, accurate picture of your weight and progress.

What should you do next?

Make goals, not resolutions

Setting goals with specific deadlines and actions are more likely to succeed than more general resolutions. Resolving to ‘be healthier’ can leave you in limbo, because this goal is vague and it can be difficult to know whether this aim has been achieved. That’s why it is best to use weighing scales to understand your body weight, set a sensible target which you can work to achieve, and monitor your progress throughout.

Use accurate weighing scales

It is vital that the weighing scales being used are accurate to the highest possible standard to ensure consistency and accuracy in your weight results. The cheapest bathroom scales will not demonstrate the same level of accuracy as professional medical scales, as this blog post explains.

Take advantage of our special offers

At Marsden we are here to help you to reach your targets - with offers on leading fitness scales this January.

The Marsden M-550: This floor scale is our lowest-priced Class III scale, therefore providing gyms and sports clubs with a level of accuracy you would expect in GP practices. Accurate to 200g (when weighing up to 100kg) this scale is five times more accurate than traditional mechanical scales.

The Marsden M-150: Our most affordable gym scale is now even more affordable. This robust column scale is ideal for gyms, sports clubs and leisure centres - plus with a high 300kg capacity, it is also suitable for almost every user. Save £45 by clicking here.

The Marsden M-160: This scale is tried and tested in leisure centres, gyms and sports clubs. Unlike other gym scales, this scale is fitted with IP67-rated waterproof stainless steel casing, meaning it is suitable for humid conditions and will not corrode. With a bright red LED display, the reading can be seen even in testing lighting conditions. Click here to save £97.50.

The Marsden S-100: Alternatively, ensure you are consuming a healthy diet with the assistance of the S-100 Smart Diet Scale. This scale provides full nutritional information for almost every supermarket food item, and gives a clear idea of calorie content, fat content, carbohydrates, proteins and more. It is currently half price at just £49+VAT.

To browse our full range of gym and fitness scales, including body composition scales, click here. Alternatively, you can call the Marsden team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

*Offers end 31st January 2017.

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