Buyers’ Guide: Gym Scales

Whether your gym or sports club’s members are striving to lose fats or gain muscle, they will all be united when it comes to tracking the changes in their weight or BMI with a professional gym scale.

At Marsden, we appreciate that not all gym-goers are the same, and so we’ve put together a range of gym scales to try to suit every member’s needs.

But we also appreciate that sometimes you may need a help in choosing the right gym scale for you and your club - and this blog post is here to help.

A fixed gym scale for weight, height and BMI calculations

When you need a gym scale which can help you to calculate weight and height in seconds - choose from Marsden’s M-130, M-150 and M-160 scales range.

The Marsden M-130 is a highly accurate weighing solution with graduations to the nearest 50g. This scale is powered by rechargeable battery, so can be used anywhere and the height measure neatly retracts into the column when the scale is not in use. For home environments, this scale can store fitness data of up to six people, meaning a whole family can use the scale to track daily changes in weight and BMI.

With a high capacity of 300kg, the Marsden M-150 can weigh and calculate the BMI of gym members. This scale is a popular option for spas due to its bright LED display and non -slip surface.

The Marsden M-160  is perfect for wet environments due to its IP67 waterproof stainless steel construction and non-slip surface. It has a 200kg capacity and accuracy to the nearest 100g.

Until 31st January, the Marsden M-130 is 20% off, and the M-150 and M-160 can be ordered with 30% off.

For a more comprehensive picture of body health

Marsden’s range of body composition scales have received some plaudits due to them being closer to DEXA standard than any other body composition scales Marsden tested.

The Marsden MBF-6000 can calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Total Body Water (TBW), Fat Free Mass (FFM), Fat Mass (FM), Body Fat %, Weight and BMI. It is ideal for personal trainers as it can be transported with an optional carry case. The MBF-6000 is also available with a printer, so you can keep a written record of the data.

The Marsden MBF-6010 is the column version of the MBF-6000, ideal for measuring body composition in gyms and sports clubs - and it's also used in hospitals and pharmacies. It has all the features of the MBF-6000 and the indicator of this scale is also column mounted, so weight readings can be viewed without bending down. The MBF-6010 is also available with a printer and height measure..

Medically Approved weighing measures

Marsden’s M-430 and M-550 scales are Class III Approved and therefore legally approved for weighing in medical establishments. If you want a precision weighing scale that gives you ultimate reliability and accuracy, but still with an affordable price tag, we'd recommend either of these floor scales for your gym or sports club.

The new Marsden M-550 has been incredibly popular with GP surgeries since it launched last summer, and as it can quickly calculate weight and BMI, it is also the ideal solution for gyms too. You can find out more about the M-550 by reading this case study - and it can be ordered now for just £99+VAT.

The Marsden M-430 is also Class III Approved. As this scale is lightweight and is available with an optional carry case, so personal trainers can take it wherever they need.

Take your diet to the next level

Fitness enthusiasts will also be interested in the S-100 Smart Diet Scale. This scale allows the user to weigh food items and provides all nutritional information you need. Over 600,000 grocery and restaurant items are available - and it works with a handy smartphone app. For more information and to order the S-100 for a special offer price of £49+VAT, click here.

For more information on our range of gym scales, you can call us on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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