Getting trim a New Year resolution? Here’s why you should get prepared today

We’re still in the middle of festive season, and for most people - even those who plan to detox or lose weight in January - putting the brakes on the chocolates and red wine probably seems far off in the distant future.

Right now, no-one wants to think of the diet regimes that will likely be on their resolutions list less than a week from now.

But actually, a bit of pre-planning now may go along way and help you when it comes to those long, boring, calorie-less days of January 2019.

Of course, as a weighing scale company, we’re talking about the weighing scale you’ll need. In this blog post, we’ve listed four reasons why you’re better off investing now.

  1. Get the weighing scale that’s right for you

If you’re going to spend money on good quality weighing scales (we recommend you do - see point 2 below) you’re going to want to spend a bit of time doing some research. The break between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to browse the internet for the right weighing scale.

When looking, consider the following: How much are you prepared to spend? What kind of scale do you want - a simple weighing scale, or one that provides body composition readings? Do you want a simple, space saving floor scale or a larger, more convenient column scale? Bear in mind shipping times as well!

  1. Buy weighing scales you can trust

If you’re serious about setting and hitting weightloss goals in January, it makes sense to buy weighing scales you know you can trust. Additionally, you want to know that, if you visit your GP or hospital and stand on a scale there, the reading you see there will match what you see at home.

In other words, buying Class III Approved (medical-accuracy weighing scales used by GP surgeries, hospitals and clinics) scales will provide peace of mind when you weigh yourself.

Class III Approved weighing scales will always cost a little more than your standard supermarket scales, but like anything, you get what you pay for. 

Read this blog post to find out more about Class III vs low cost weighing scale accuracy.

  1. Get to know your weighing scales

Purchase your weighing scales now and it’ll give you time to get used to using them. Not that weighing scales are particularly complex, but in most cases, understanding how the Tare and BMI functions work will allow you to get more out of your purchase and maybe even help you on your weightloss journey.

  1. 25% off at Marsden until 31/12/18!

It may also be worth bearing in mind that Marsden slimming scales - the M-560 and M-565 - have 25% off until 31/12/18 when you use code DEC25 at checkout!

Both scales are used widely by slimming groups across the UK, and both can be purchased with a carry case if required. These scales are based on our Class III Approved M-510 and M-545 models, and will provide clear, accurate digital weight readings.

To find out why you should weigh yourself every day, read this blog post. To find out what your recommended daily calorie intake should be, download this poster.

To order weighing scales over the phone or to get help and guidance on purchasing the right scales, speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

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