6 reasons why you can’t do without Marsden M-4XX series medical scales

When it comes to choosing the right medical scales, Marsden is here to help. As the largest provider of scales to NHS hospitals and with a broad medical range to choose from, we’ve a medical scale for every need.

Marsden’s M-4XX series floor and baby scales are highly accurate digital medical scales for hospitals and GP surgeries - capable of weighing patients of all ages.

In fact, just five scales in this series cover most weighing needs - and these built-to-last scales are affordable too.  This blog post explains why they’re some of the most important products in the Marsden range - and why you can’t do without them.

  • 1. Class III Approved scales

The five medical scales in the M-4XX series range - the M-400 and M-410 baby scales and the M-420, M-425 and M-430 adult scales - are all Class III Approved.

The NAWI directive recommends that scales used for medical purposes are Class III Approved. Legally, all scales used in hospitals must be Class III.

Class III scales are tested to a much more rigorous standard than Class IIII scales that were heavily criticised in the LACORS report. Scales have to meet international standards and are Approved by a notified body. Two Class III Approved scales weighing the same item, should in theory provide the same weight results, due to the testing they are subject to.

For more information about the approval process, click here.

Additionally, the M-4XX series are all MDD Approved. Learn more about MDD Approved scales here.


  • Portable weighing scales

The M-4XX series are built with portability in mind. All the scales in the range are lightweight, powered by rechargeable battery and are available with a carry case. This means the baby scales in the range are perfect for midwives and health visitors who need to transport their weighing scales from appointment to appointment. The floor scales can be moved around the GP surgery if required, to a convenient place for weighing the patient.


  • High accuracy weighing scales

These scales are highly accurate, providing pinpoint weighing for medical diagnosis. The M-400 baby scale is highly accurate to 5g - meaning they are suitable for measuring weight for critical treatment. The M-420 is accurate to 50g when weighing below 150kg - meaning it is suitable for critical treatment in adults.

You can read the UKWF’s recommendations on scale accuracies for specific medical purposes in this white paper.


  • Easy to use scales

The all M-4XX scales are easy to use: Simply turn the scale on and you are ready to start weighing - with weight readings clearly shown on the display. The scales have a Tare function, so unwanted weight from clothing to shoes can be deducted from the total to show an accurate weight for the patient.

The M-425 also features a separate indicator, which means that readings can be kept discreet in weight sensitive environments.


  • Bluetooth scales

M-4XX scales are available with wireless connectivity, which means, once configured and set up, weight data can be sent directly from the scales to medical records - eradicating the risk of human error; look for the Bluetooth symbols on the product images.

This means these medical scales can be used in telehealth environments to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and mean the patient can be weighed in the comfort of their own home. Wirelessly transmitting weight results to a database reduces the risk of errors when recording weights. You can read more about the benefits of telehealth here.


  • Medical scale offers

You can save 15% on the Marsden M-400 Baby Scale and M-430 Floor Scale when ordering before 1st March.

Marsden M-400: This baby scale is a robust Class III scale which is portable and lightweight. Ideal for midwives and health visitors, it features a slide on/off tray with weighing platform beneath, meaning it can be used by toddlers as well as babies.

Marsden M-430: This floor scale is robust and long-lasting; perfect for outpatient departments, GP surgeries and pharmacies. It is lightweight and portable meaning it can be moved around the community without fuss, and it is highly accurate to 200g.

To browse the full M-4XX range click here.

For help choosing the right baby scale for your needs click here. Read our floor scales buyers’ guide here.

Alternatively, browse our full range of medical scales here.

For more information any of our medical scales, call 01709 364296, contact us here or use our web chat facility.

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