The new V-110: 5 reasons why you need our new portable veterinary scale

Large veterinary scales don’t always offer great portability. Size, weight and shape all make them difficult to move - not ideal if you need to weigh animals in more than one location.

That’s why, this month, we’ve launched the V-110 - a lightweight, easy to transport large veterinary scale.

What is the V-110?

The V-110 is our brand new Large Veterinary Scale. It’s available to order now here. The V-110 is the answer to requests from veterinary surgeries for a large weighing scale that wasn’t cumbersome. Price was also important.

Why is the V-110 so important?

These are our top five reasons why the V-110 is such an important scale - and why it can make weighing animals and pets easier for you.

1) It’s our lowest priced large veterinary scale

We’ve made the V-110 an affordable weighing scale - especially when compared to many other large veterinary scale. Professional digital weighing scales are always an investment - but of course, the more value you can get for your money the better.

Click here and see how much you could save by choosing the V-110 over veterinary scales from other makes.

2) Carrying it won’t break your back

The V-110’s design is crucial here. Most weighing scales for larger pets have carry handles and wheels to make them more portable; the V-110 doesn’t, because it doesn’t need to. In fact, it weighs just 5.5kg. Its one-piece design plays a large part here.

Also of note is the integrated weight display. Many prefer a separate indicator so that the weight display can be attached to a wall or bench, but by incorporating the display into the design its less fussy. It means there are no cables to worry about when transporting the scale.

3) One piece design makes it easy to clean

The one piece design also means the scale is easier to clean. There are no nooks and crannies for dirt to get into; a simple wipe over and the scale is ready to go again.

4) It suitable for weighing a wide range of pets

With a 150kg capacity, there aren’t many pets too big to fit on the V-110. This capacity means it could also be used by farms and zoos to weigh some animals.

Remember as well, that there are few veterinary scales available - if any - that weigh upto 150kg, yet weigh just 5.5kg and are as low-priced as the V-110.

5) It’s low maintenance

It’s a Marsden scale, so the V-110 is easy to use and it’s low maintenance. Battery power provides 40 hours of continuous use, and the scale is very robust. Of course, if you ever have any issues with the scale or how to use it, we have unlimited telephone support available and can also answer any questions you have here.

You might want to bear in mind as well that Marsden can provide service contracts for weighing scales. You can find out more about these here.

If want to know more about the Marsden V-110 Large Veterinary Scale, see it here, contact our team here or send us a Chat message.

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