6 reasons to choose our M-400 Baby Scale - video

A professional Class III Approved baby scale will provide accurate weight readings for infants. But how do you know which scale is best?

In our latest video, we provide six reasons why the Marsden M-400 Baby Scale is an essential scale for weighing babies and children - in clinics, surgeries, hospitals and out in the community.

You can watch the video below, or alternatively keep scrolling to read the blog post.

What is the M-400?

The M-400 is a Class III Approved professional medical scale. It has a 20kg capacity and accuracy as low as 5g, which makes it a popular choice in our baby scales range.

The removable baby tray means toddlers can be weighed easily: children who wish to stand can simply step onto the platform.

The M-400 is based on our M-420 and M-430 floor scales, which benefit from aluminium structure which makes them incredibly robust. And, like the M-420 and M-430, the M-400 is covered by the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

Class III and MDD Approved

When weighing babies for the purposes of monitoring, diagnosis or treatment, the baby scale used must be Class III Approved. This is a requirement in the UK and most of Europe. 

Like all Marsden professional baby scales, the M-400 is Class III Approved. It’s also MDD Approved, a mandatory requirement for medical devices in Europe. 

Even if you’re not using the M-400 for medical purposes, and instead you’re using it as a baby scale at home, it’s a worthwhile investment because Class III Approved scales provide highly accurate, repeatable readings. It means you’ll be using the same professional scale used by hospitals, GP surgeries and health visitors.

Easy to use

As you’ll see in the video, the M-400 features Hold and Tare functions. Hold stabilises the weight reading on the display, even if the baby is moving. Tare allows you to remove unwanted weight from the reading. 

For example, if you’re weighing a baby with a blanket, add the blanket to the scale, press Tare and then add the baby to the scale with the blanket. The reading on the display will show the weight, minus the weight of the blanket.

Ultimately, Tare and Hold both help to provide a more accurate weight reading for the baby.

Other baby scales from Marsden

Whatever you’re looking for in a baby scale, Marsden has the solution.

The M-410 is identical to the M-400 but with a 50kg capacity, meaning it can be used to weigh older children. This makes it a great scale for school nurses.

The M-400-80D takes the M-400 and adds a baby length measure.

The M-300 is extremely lightweight, and with 2g accuracy, the lightest Class III Approved bab yscale in the Marsden range. Battery power lasts an impressive 600 hours.

Need something even more portable? Try the M-310 - a health visitor favourite, due to its conveniently small size!

For clinics and GP surgeries, there’s the M-700. This combines a baby scale, a seated scale for children and a stand-on scale with handrails. The M-700 is available with a printer for a hard copy of weight results, too.

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