Pit Mounted Platform Scales

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What is a pit mounted scale?

A pit mounted scale (also known as a dormant scale) is a weighing scale that is sunk into the ground, with the surface of the scale flush to the floor. Pit mounted scales are perfect for industrial environments where space is limited and large items are regularly weighed.

Unlike standard platform scales, pit mounted scales can be left in situ and, depending on the capacity of the scale, support forklifts rolling over them.

Each dormant scale supplied by Marsden has an underframe to support it in its pit. Marsden can provide help and advice on fitting, as well as a fitting service for the scale itself. We can also provide annual service contracts to ensure your pit mounted scale provides you with many years of reliable service.

Trade Approved pit mounted scales are available if required.


What is a Trade Approved scale?

A Trade Approved scale is a weighing scale that must be used when an item is being weighed to determine its price.

Marsden’s Trade Approved pit mounted scales have been built, tested, verified and calibrated to a specific standard, in accordance with the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) directive.

The NAWI directive was introduced to protect the customer. It states that Trade Approved scales must be used in the ‘determination of mass for commercial transactions’, along with five other weighing applications. Find out more here.


Which pit mounted scale is right for me?

Marsden’s range of pit mounted scales are suitable for weighing up to 3000kg. However, we can supply higher capacity options if required.

The PD-I-100-APP is a Trade Approved pit mounted scale, legal for use when pricing goods based on weight. It has all the simple functions needed for basic approved weighing, including a clear display, Zero and Tare.

Pit mounted scales with the JIK indicator - the Trade Approved PD-JIK-APP and non approved PD-NA-JIK - are suitable for sending weight information to a PC, or printing weight labels. They can also be ordered with a relay board for switching other devices on and off, such as a water pump or soli feed.

For simple, non approved weighing applications choose the PD-NA-I-400. This scale has a large, bright red LED display and is very easy to use. It has an Accumulation function should you need to add up several weight readings, for example if a lorry is being loaded and you need to know the total goods weight.

The PD-NA-JWI features the parts counting JWI indicator, which has three displays for easy counting.


Where can I find out more?

Marsden has been supplying accurate weighing equipment to British industry for more than 90 years. Each dormant scale can be viewed by clicking on the images above. Find out more information by calling 01709 364296 or contact us here.