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When you need a durable, reliable heavy duty weighing solution, choose from the range of Platform Scales from Marsden. On this page, you’ll find platform scales available as either mild steel (for standard environments) or stainless steel (for harsh environments and outdoor use) solutions.

Marsden’s digital platform scales come in a choice of sizes, capacities and graduations; we can also provide larger bespoke platforms at dimensions to suit your needs, assembled at our UK manufacturing plant. Simply click on the images below and then use the drop-down menus to select the options to suit your needs; or get in touch with the Marsden team.

Whatever your need - Marsden can supply it for you. Standard Marsden mild steel platform scales have an anti-slip durbar finish, providing grip and durability in industrial environments. Stainless steel platform scales are available with IP68 waterproofing, which means they can be washed down or used in damp/humid environments.

Ramps are available for easier use with pallet trucks - or simply select one of our drive-thru platform scales.

Entry level platform scales are the P-NA-I-100 and the P-NA-I-400. These are reliable mild steel platform scales available in capacities up to 3000kg, with the P-NA-I-400 boasting an easy to use indicator and a bright, clear LED weight display.

Approved platform scales are also available from Marsden, for when you need a Legal For Trade solution to provide accurate weight readings when the price of your goods depends on it. We can provide Trade Approved platform scales for all price levels and weighing applications.

For counting processes, the P-NA-JWI has multiple parts counting functions. It is ideal for counting large items and large quantities of parts, with three digital displays which makes parts counting quick and easy.

Platform scales fitted with either the Jadever JDI or JIK indicator are capable of transferring weight or count data to a central database or spreadsheet. RS-232 interfaces mean a printer can be connected to the scale to print sticky labels.

For companies adapting to the SOLAS regulations on container weighing, the Marsden P-DI-620P-APP is a Trade Approved scale that has a built-in printer. This means verified weighers can print out the weight data and attach it to the Bill of Ladings as a verified proof of weight.

For automated weighing processes, the P-NA-I-500 and P-NA-I-550 have programmable indicators with multiple inputs, outputs and data transfer and recording capabilities. These can be built to order, and will ultimately help you to cut man hours, increase productivity and be more accurate with your weighing processes.

If you need help with choosing the right platform scale for your needs, call the Marsden team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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