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  • Marsden M-950 Bed Weighing Scale

    What is the M-950?

    The Marsden M-950 is an easy to use, portable bed weighing scale. It makes weighing bedbound patients straightforward and hassle free with no discomfort to the patient. It consists of four pads that can be simply placed under the wheels of the bed, meaning there’s no need to move the bed to another room for weighing. A trolley is provided for transporting the pads between rooms and wards. The M-950 is Class III Approved.

    What is a Class III Approved scale?

    A Class III Approved scale is built, tested, verified and calibrated to meet a specific standard, so that it is legal to monitor, treat and diagnose patients. All weighing scales used for this purpose must be Class III Approved.

    All Class III Approved medical scales undergo rigorous testing by an EU notified body to ensure reliability and accuracy and repeatability of readings.

    How can I accurately weigh bedridden patients?

    If a patient is bedbound, obtaining a weight reading can be difficult; however, in many cases an accurate weight reading is vital for administering the correct drug dosages or treatment.

    If you need to weigh a bedridden patient, this can be done with the M-950 with no discomfort to the patient. Simply place the four weighing pads next to each wheel, switch on the scale and roll the bed onto the pads. For a truly accurate weight reading for the patient, best practice is removing the weight of the bed from the reading by using the Tare/Preset Tare functions.

    An additional benefit of the M-950 is that the trolley allows you to move the scale between rooms and wards easily, raking the scale to the patient rather than the other way around. Alternatively, if you are weighing bedridden patients in the community, the M-950 can be purchased with carry cases to transport the pads and indicator.

    Who uses the M-950?

    The M-950’s pads which can be positioned beneath the bed, mean that weighing can take place without the need to disturb bed bound patients. This is beneficial to a number of hospital wards and departments, particularly in palliative care and intensive care. The M-950 is also an easy to use scale for weighing care home patients.

    Why should I choose the M-950?

    Choose the M-950 if you need to weigh bedbound patients - and need a portable solution which can be moved between rooms, either by using the carry handles on each pad, the trolley or carry cases.

    The pads are low profile, making this a bed weighing system suitable for almost any bed, and making it easy to push a bed onto the scale. The scale features Tare (for removing the weight of the bed from the display), Hold (to stabilise the weight reading on the display if the patient is moving) and BMI calculation functions.

    The Marsden M-950 is made to order in our South Yorkshire factory - please contact us if you would like to find out about bespoke options available.

    Ask about service and maintenance contracts for the M-950 by calling 01709 364296. The M-950 is covered by Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

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