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What is a wireless scale?

Medical wireless scales are weighing scales that can transmit the weight reading on the scale to an external database or device. The scales use Bluetooth or Wifi to wirelessly send the data.

Please note that this section is for wireless medical scales. If you need industrial scales that transmit weighing information, please click here.


Why would I need wireless medical scales?

Accurately recording patient weight data is crucial - it means the correct medication or treatment is administered, and patients can be correctly monitored for changes that may affect their health.

By wirelessly sending a patient’s weight data to a central database, hospital waiting times can be reduced too - because the information can be accessed by all departments, removing the need for multiple weigh-ins each time the patient is assessed.

Using Marsden’s wireless medical scales as part of telehealth schemes mean patients can stay at home and be monitored regularly for changes in weight. Typically the data is sent to a central monitoring station where their weight is checked against previous readings and then any issues relayed to their GP or hospital.


Should I choose Bluetooth or Wifi?

Wifi is particularly popular in hospitals, as it is fast and secure. Marsden medical scales equipped with Bluetooth connectivity have formed part of telehealth initiatives across the UK and in Europe, where the simple protocols have meant they can be set up transmit patient weight and BMI information to purpose-built capturing software, quickly and easily.

To find out more about the benefits of using either Bluetooth or Wifi, speak to our team.


Do I need any software for these scales?

You will need software to receive the data from your scale, but currently, Marsden does not supply software with Bluetooth or Wifi scales (or the third option, Micro USB connectivity).

Bluetooth and Wifi scales are suppled with a Bluetooth or Wifi transmitter module, and typically customers will purchase the scales and Marsden will supply the protocols so that the customer can create or configure their software to receive this information.

The scales on this page can send weight, height, BMI, date and time.


Where can I find out more?

For more information about Marsden wireless scales, how they can be connected to your software or how they can be used as part of a telehealth scheme or in a hospital environment, call us on 01709 364296.