Marsden M-310 Portable Baby Sling Scale

The Marsden M-310 is a lightweight, portable baby scale, also known as a sling scale. It weighs only 0.45kg making it a popular choice for health visitors, midwives and breastfeeding support workers.

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What is the M-310?

Unlike standard baby weighing scales, the Marsden M-310 is small and compact, thus taking up far less space. It also offers up to 80 hours of continuous use.



200mm x 80mm x 105mm

6 x AAA batteries

Battery Life:
80 hours of continuous use

Weight of the Scale:

Additional Features

  • Class III Approved
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Small and compact device
  • Save spacing design
  • Tare function
  • Hold function to stabilise a baby's weight
  • Reusable sling included as standard
  • 4 year warranty as standard
  • Optional carry case, sling and hooks available
  • Simple to operate


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What are the benefits of a sling scale?

Most baby scales feature a tray for laying the baby on. However, a sling scale like the Marsden M-310 takes up far less space and is highly portable.

The Marsden M-310 has an optional carry case available, which will take up minimal space in your bag or car. For home users, weighing your baby is easy because the M-310 is so simple to operate.

Sling scales like the M-310 allow you to place the baby in the sling provided, and then get a weight reading from the display. The M-310 is Class III Approved, so it’s suitable for medical weighing applications, meaning it's highly accurate. Class III Approved weighing scales should always be used for monitoring weight in a medical context, diagnosing and also for medical treatment.

Why should I choose the M-310?

The Marsden M-310 Baby Scale has a 10kg capacity - perfect for most babies up to a year old - and graduations to 10g. It has a Hold function to stabilise the baby’s weight. It also features a Tare function. A reusable sling is included.

This baby scale requires six AAA batteries for operation and is covered by the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

Where can I find out more?

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