MSS Trolley

  • Bespoke frame for use with the MSS Bench Scale
  • Various base sizes available depending on the scale size
  • Sold as standard with static feet (not wheels as per image)
  • Select whether you would like feet, two wheels or four wheels
  • Ideal for manufacturing industries where a portable scale is required

Total Price
£331.00 Exc. VAT (£397.20 inc. VAT)
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Dependant On Scale

1 Year

Additional Features

  • Designed for use with the MSS Bench Scale
  • Dimensions vary depeneding on size of MSS Bench
  • Available as a static stand with feet or wheels
  • Highly popular within the manufacturing sector
  • Simply purchase this stand/trolley when buying your bench scale

Why should I buy the MSS Trolley?

If you are looking to purchase our best-selling MSS Bench Scale and you would like a stand or a trolley for your device, purchase the MSS Trolley.

This trolley enables users to easily move their weighing scale around site and provide a stable weighing area. Proven highly popular with manufacturing industries where accurate weights are imperative.

Where can I find out more?

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