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What Is the Accumulation Function on a Weighing Scale?

What Is the Accumulation Function on a Weighing Scale?

At Marsden, many of our weighing scales boast advanced features, such as the accumulation function. This feature has a wide range of applications and can be useful in the work environment.

In this post, we’ll explore what the accumulation function is on a weighing scale and how it can improve efficiency.

What is Accumulation?

By definition, accumulation is ‘a mass of quantity of something that has been gradually gathered or been acquired’ (Oxford Languages).

On a weighing scale, the accumulation function allows you to maintain a running total of the items weighed or counted if using a counting scale.

For example, if you were to weigh three items at 10 grams each, the accumulation function would give you the option to display the total weight of 30 grams.

Most weighing scales show the accumulation feature is in effect by displaying an ‘M’ or ‘M+’ sign, meaning memory. Essentially the weighing scale remembers the previous weight readings and adds to this total as new readings are acquired.

Some weighing scales are also able to keep a list of the weighed items with accurate readings and are compatible with printers for a clear and precise record.

What can the Accumulation Function on a Weighing Scale be used for?

This advanced weighing scale feature can be useful and improve efficiency in the workplace when counting, weighing or check weighing large quantities of an item.

For weighing scales with a low capacity or a small platform, this feature can be extremely useful for generating a running total.

Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

The accumulation function on a weighing scale can also contribute to improving efficiency when carrying out inventory checks or keeping track of items.

The accumulation function on some of our Marsden pallet truck scales allows you to totalise several pallet weight readings. This can prove helpful for calculating total goods weight when loading a vehicle, or ensuring that the shelves in the warehouse are not overloaded.

Pallet Truck Scales
Pallet Truck Scales

Ensure an Accurate Reading

Along with the Tare Function, accumulation can be used for formulation and weighing in batches. These functions combined allow you to both weigh individual ingredients, as well as display the total weight of all ingredients used.

It is also possible to use accumulation to keep track of ingredients used and record a running total to ensure each batch is accurate, and, if connected to a printer, correctly labelled.

Calculate a Total Price

Trade Approved Scales are used to weigh items accurately and determine a price, especially in retail and warehouse environments. The accumulation function on these weighing scales allows you to add up several weight readings and calculate a total price for goods.

Marsden Weighing Scales

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