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Accurate Assessment of Patient Weight (White Paper)

Accurate Assessment of Patient Weight (White Paper)

In GP surgeries, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals - accurate assessment of patient weight is a fundamental part of monitoring their health.

By weighing a patient as part of the screening process, staff can monitor fluid balance, administer treatment and calculate medication dosages.

Yet patient weighing can slip out of routine practice.

Our new white paper explores the importance of weighing accurately - and the risks to the patient if weighing is not correctly carried out and recorded.

The Importance of Accurate Weighing

Among the many findings of the white paper was the need for correctly trained staff to use suitable, accurate weighing equipment.

It follows on from the 2014-15 National Measurement and Regulation Office report which found almost a quarter of scales (23%) used in patients weighing are not fit for purpose.

In our previous white paper, ‘How Accurate Do My Scales Need To Be?’, we looked into the importance of accurate weighing in specific situations. It can be downloaded here.

The Importance of a Serviced Scale

To ensure your medical scale is weighing accurately you can also be aided by a service contract.

In fact, getting your scale serviced was recommended by this LACORS report - which found a third of hospital scales to be inaccurate due to the impact of regular use.

You can register for an annual service contract through Marsden and receive an annual visit from a trained engineer who will ensure your scale maintains its accuracy. Click here for more information.

The Importance of Class III Scales

The white paper stresses the need for weighing Class III Approved weighing equipment.

It is strongly recommended that patients are ‘weighed by default’ in hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes - but recording patient weight using non-Class III equipment is still a common reason for inaccuracy, particularly in GP surgeries.

Marsden has a range of Class III scales suitable for accurate weighing. For bedbound patients, there’s the Marsden M-950 which consists four weighing pads which can placed underneath the bed – and the bed’s value can be removed with ease using the Tare function. The Marsden M-955 is purpose-built for weighing Medstrom beds in hospitals.

For all patients, the Marsden M-420 Floor Scale is highly accurate to 50g, has a non slip surface and is robust – an optional carry case is available for portability.

Alternatively, the Marsden M-550 is our lowest cost Class III Approved scale, which an accuracy that’s suitable for GP surgeries - plus, it’s five times more accurate than traditional GP scales. The scale is powered by 4x AA batteries and has a wide weighing platform so patients feel more stable on their feet.

For more information about any of our scales click here to contact us or call 01709 364296. Download the white paper here.