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The Benefits of Using Platform Scales for Metallurgy

The Benefits of Using Platform Scales for Metallurgy

Discover the benefits of using reliable, accurate and robust platform scales in the metallurgical industry.

What is Metallurgy?

Metallurgy is a field of study concerning the physical and chemical behaviour and characteristics of metallic elements, intermetallic compounds and alloys.

In the domain of materials science and production engineering, metallurgy is concerned with producing metallic components for engineering or consumer products. The production process involves the creation of alloys, shaping metallic products, heat treatment and surface treatment.

What are Industrial Platform Scales?

Industrial platform scales are designed to weigh large items and heavy-duty goods. They consist of a steel platform, fitted with high capacity load cells, that connects to an indicator and displays an accurate weight-reading. Durable and easy-to-use, platform scales are involved in a wide range of industrial processes, including manufacturing, distribution and engineering.

The Benefits of Using Industrial Platform Scales for Metallurgy

Platform scales are used across the metallurgy field for a range of purposes. In this post, we’ll look at some of the benefits of using platform scales for metallurgy.


The robust design and durability of platform scales make them an ideal choice for challenging work environments. At Marsden, we offer a range of accurate industrial platform scales available in various sizes and capacities that can withstand heavy items, constant use and demanding conditions. Our heavy duty mild steel platform scales boast a five-tonne capacity, and our easy-to-clean and IP-certified stainless steel platform scales are ideal for dusty or damp workplaces.

Accurately Weighing Propane Tanks

In the metallurgy field, forgers often use propane when heating or welding metal materials. The propane tanks are usually filled to 80% capacity to allow for expansion when heated, and gauges can be used to measure propane consumption but changes in temperature and pressure can lead to inaccurate readings. Platform scales can be used to accurately weigh the propane tanks using the Tare and Hold Functions, helping to ensure propane isn’t being wasted and you have enough for the work required.

Shipping Products & Materials

At Marsden, we offer trade approved platform scales for when the price of goods is determined by weight. Whether you’re shipping or receiving finished metal products or raw materials, industrial platform scales allow for accurate readings, and can even be connected to a printer to produce print-out labels or keep track of orders. In metallurgy, precision is crucial as metal materials can prove costly along with the cost of shipping so it’s important to ensure you’re paying the right amount for the weight of your items.

Selling & Buying Raw Materials

Our Trade Approved Platform Scales can also determine the price of your waste materials and metals scraps by weight so that they can be sold on at a fair price. This feature can also be helpful if you’re buying raw materials for metallurgy in bulk and need to ensure you are paying the correct price for the weight.

Reducing Waste

Using platform scales to weigh your materials can also be an efficient way to measure consumption, reduce waste and keep the cost of production down. If you’re producing cast metal products, then you’ll need to know you’re using the right amount of molten metal for the moulds to avoid waste materials and mistakes during the process.

Choose Industrial Platform Scales from Marsden

At Marsden, we supply a wide range of industrial platform scales ideal for various industries and tasks. Our Marsden platform scales boast a range of features, including hold and tare functions, check weighing and counting functions for collecting and packaging small items.

Many of our platform scales are also available with printer connectivity, making it easier to manage inventory, process orders and label out-going products. Take a look at our range of accurate and reliable platform scales and choose the right Marsden platform scale for your metallurgy operation.

Marsden has a mild steel platform scale and a stainless steel platform scale, which are available with a range of indicators come in multiple capacities and graduations.

For a more affordable solution, consider the I-400 indicator, which is perfect for instant heavy duty weighing in challenging work conditions.

For trade approved platform scales, take a look at the Marsden DI-620P-APP Indicator with a built in printer and capacities of 6000kg, 1500kg and 3000kg.

If you’re interested in any of our industrial platform scales or would like to find out more information regarding how platform scales can improve your operation please contact our Marsden experts today on 01709 364296 or complete our contact form.

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