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Buyer's Guide: Bakery Scales

Buyer's Guide: Bakery Scales

Weighing is a critical part of the bakery process - taking place from the ingredients stage all the way through to finished goods.

In a bakery setting, the law also plays an important part in the weighing process - so this guide will help you through regulations as well as which scales you need at specific points in production.

The law states that baked bread must meet the following three rules:

  • Rule 1: The average weight of a baked batch of a type of bread must not be less than the stated nominal weight.
  • Rule 2: No more than 1 in 40 loaves of the baked batch must have a negative error greater than the tolerable negative error (TNE), i.e. it weighs less than the nominal weight minus TNE.
  • Rule 3: None of the loaves in the baked batch may have a greater negative error than double the TNE.

To find out more about how to calculate the TNE and find out which scales are right for your bakery, continue reading.

Tolerable negative error (TNE)

We have listed below the tolerable negative error (TNE) values:

Tolerable negative error (TNE)

Weighing dough pieces

Though the law is more concerned about the weight of the finished loaf, it is a good idea to weigh dough pieces to ensure loaves are consistent. It is recommended that the bakeries compare dough weights of each bread to a chart for this purpose.

The B-100 is Marsden’s best selling bench scale and it is ideal for weighing dough. It is IP68 waterproof, and has a choice of accuracies available - to 0.2g.

Alternatively, the B-450 is one of Marsden’s most affordable bench scales. It is IP67 so can be wiped down to keep the scale hygienic - vital in a bakery.

Weighing loaves fresh out of the oven

It is a legal requirement for checks to be carried out on the baked loaves, before they are offered for sale - and ensuring they pass the three rules.

Check weighing is carried out by taking a sample of loaves for each baked batch as shown in the following table.

Weighing loaves fresh out of the oven

If the required check weighing of samples from baked batches is done on loaves whilst still hot from the oven, allowances must be made for the cooling and drying down of loaves - as they will reduce in weight as they cool down.

The Marsden MSS is a mild steel bench scale. A choice of capacities - to 150kg - and graduations are available. The platter is constructed from robust 304 food grade stainless steel.

Alternatively, the AGT-C is IP68 waterproof, with a choice of base sizes, capacities and graduations. The scale is powered by rechargeable battery and features a hi/lo alarm to ensure weight targets are met.

For weighing food items, the stainless steel HSS Bench Scale is also ideal. This IP67 waterproof stainless steel scale can be washed down to ensure it is kept hygienic.

Keeping a weight record

If the item is being offered for sale in a secure wrapper - not only does the scale being used need to be Trade Approved, but a record of the baked bread weight needs to be kept. Many Marsden scales provide data transfer - find out more here.

Pair the JIK-APP indicator with the HSS for an IP67 waterproof with a multifunctional indicator. The scale is fitted with an RS-232 interface which means that, with the optional u-key, it can transfer weight data directly to a PC.

Weighing outgoing goods

At the end of the process, goods are weighed to ensure lorries are not overloaded - with platform scales, u-frames, drive thrus and pallet trucks all suitable.

Our mild steel platform scale can be made Trade Approved with the I-100-APP indicator. This is our entry level platform scale with functions including Hold and Tare. It features a bright LED display and is powered by rechargeable battery.

Stainless steel models are also available. A choice of sizes, capacities and graduations are available.

A pallet truck scale can speed up weighing processes because goods can be weighed and moved simultaneously. This can save time as well as labour costs. The PT-600 includes a printer to keep a record of the weight result.

Pit mounted scales are the newest industrial range from Marsden, perfect for larger bakeries that need to bulk-weigh but are short on space for a large platform scale. A pit mounted scale fits securely into the floor of a dispatch area. Browse the range here.

For more information on any of our scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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