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Buyer’s Guide: Marsden Industrial Crane Weighing Scales

Buyers’ Guide: Crane Scales

Crane scales need to be a considered purchase. There are many variables that need to be taken into account - and how you use the crane scale, why you use it and where you use it will all influence which option you go for.

If you’re browsing the Marsden range of crane scales and need a bit of guidance, you can of course get in touch and we’d be happy to help; alternatively, you can use this guide to buying crane scales and ensure you choose the right solution for your weighing needs.

Decide on your maximum lift amount

The first place to start is to know what the maximum weight you’re likely to be lifting is. If you’re looking at the Marsden range of crane scales, this may determine which option you go for.

In total, there are 13 options across four different crane scales in the Marsden range - each one has a different capacity and graduations. So, work out what the heaviest weight you’re likely to be lifting is and choose a crane scale with a slightly higher capacity than that.

Check hook and shackle dimensions

Next, make sure you’re aware of what the hook and shackle dimensions are - because this will determine whether the crane scale you’re considering will actually fit.

On the Downloads tab at the bottom of each crane scale you will find a document that gives all the dimensions you need to know whether you can accommodate that crane scale. Check these thoroughly before buying - and, of course, if you’re unsure, just ask us.

Think about where the crane scale will be located

This is an important consideration, because you may want to choose a specific crane scale option based on where the scale will be located.

Think about accessibility and also the size and clarity of the display. Some of our crane scale options come with an infra red remote control - so no matter how high up the crane scale, you can still operate it and see the weight reading from a distance.

Make sure it comes with a Proof Load certificate

The Proof Load certificate confirms that the crane scale has been tested to ensure the shackle and pin are both compatible, markings are clearly legible, all parts have been examined to ensure they are in full working order, and test loads have been placed on the scale.

All Marsden crane scales come with a Proof Load certificate.

You may also want to include a Calibration Certificate when you order a crane scale - this provides proof that the scale has been accurately calibrated to give you a reliable weight reading.

Remember - what you pay for us what you get

It goes without saying that, like anything, you can pay less and get a poorer quality product, or pay a little bit more and get something that will last you years and work faultlessly.

Still - you’ll find the Marsden range very competitively priced, starting from just £69. And, with every crane scale option available with a Proof of Load certificate, you know these are scales to rely on.

Marsden OCS-L: This is Marsden's most accurate crane scale, with graduations to 0.01kg. The OCS-L is lightweight and portable, so the scale can be taken to the good, rather than the good to the scale.

Marsden OCS-S1: This crane scale has a choice of capacity options between 100kg and 1000kg. It has a bright LED display and remote control operation means it can be accessed from a safe distance.

Marsden OCS-X: With capacity options up to 5000kg, the OCS-X is a Marsden best-seller. The scale is powered by internal rechargeable battery and a remote control is provided as standard.

Marsden OCS-Z: This is Marsden's greatest capacity crane scale, with capacities to 20,000kg. It features a tough, steel casing, infrared remote control and an alarm to signify if the scale is being overloaded.

You can view the Marsden range of crane scales here. If you’re considering a number of options, Marsden brand or otherwise, and need some guidance, just get in touch with a member of the Marsden team here.