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Buyer's Guide: Weighing scales for dogs

Buyer's Guide: Weighing scales for dogs

Marsden’s weighing scales for dogs are used by hundreds of veterinary surgeons nationwide, as well as well-known organisations like the RSPCA and Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

Veterinary scales are used to assess whether the dog is overweight or a healthy weight - pet obesity is the number one issue facing our pets.

They can also be used in the diagnosis of other problems with their health.

According to research by Marsden, 58% of pets which are seen by vets are overweight. A PDSA report found that one in three dogs in the UK are overweight. However less than 10% of pet owners recognise obesity - which is where a weighing scale can help.

Our vet scales cater for all shapes and sizes of dog - but which scale is right for you? This buyers’ guide is here to help.

Why should you monitor your pet’s weight?

If your dog becomes overweight it can severely impact on their life. It can reduce life expectancy, cause breathing problems and increase the risk of diabetes and cancer.

According to Dr Susan O’Bell, veterinarian at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Angell Animal Medical Centre says “Puppies should be weighed at least every three to four weeks for the first six months of life.”

If the dog suffers from chronic medical conditions, particularly those that result in changes in appetite or water consumption, they require frequent weight checks.

Dr Matthew Rooney, states that most pet parents “can be satisfied with weighing their dogs every six months.”

Visits to the vet can be stressful for your dog, so it is possible to weigh your dog at home. O’Bell says, “Many clients ask me if they can weigh their dog at home. I generally tell clients they can use home scales for basic trends, but any major discrepancies they should contact their vet.”

Weighing small dogs

The Marsden V-20 and Marsden V-22 are suitable for weighing small dogs, each with a 20kg capacity. The V-20 is a premium veterinary scale which is lightweight and portable. It doubles up as a stretcher so your dog can be carried with ease. The V-22 is our most accurate veterinary scale, with graduations to 5g.

Marsden V-22 Veterinary Scale
Marsden V-22 Veterinary Scale

The Marsden V-25 has a 25kg capacity and is accurate to 10g. The V-25 features a large, bright LCD display as well as a memory recall function - so that you can compare changes in your dog’s weight.

Ideal for: chihuahuas, pugs, yorkshire terriers

Weighing medium-sized dogs

The Marsden V-100 is our best-selling veterinary scale with a 100kg capacity, lightweight design and battery power from just two AAA batteries.

This scale is unit switchable, so weight readings can be taken in pounds or kilograms. The Hold function means the reading can be stabilised when the dog is moving around on the scale.

Ideal for: collies, dalmatians, golden retrievers

Weighing larger dogs

For larger dogs, choose between the Marsden V-150 and Marsden V-250.

The V-150 has a choice of capacity sizes up to 300kg. It has a large, washdown stainless steel base and a non-slip mat - this is the scale of choice for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The V-250 also has a stainless steel surface which is easy to keep hygienic. At just 50mm high it is easy for your animal to access the scale.

Ideal for: german shepherds, rottweilers, great danes

Marsden V-150 Large Veterinary Scale
Marsden V-150 Large Veterinary Scale

Weighing pet food

Vets also recommend that pet food is weighed to control consumption. The food label will provide information on the amount of pet food which is suitable to eat.

The Marsden B-450 is accurate to 0.1g, is easy to use and is small and compact to make it easier to store. It also doubles as a great kitchen scale for weighing and measuring ingredients.

Keeping dogs at a healthy weight

Free guide for a healthy dog: We’ve recently put together a free guide filled with tips and advice for reducing obesity.

Tips for a healthy dog poster: This poster provides guidance on healthy appearance, the amount of exercise and weight information.

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