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Every dog owner wants their pet to be happy, healthy and trim. That starts with healthy eating, plenty of exercise - and plenty of weigh-ins to see how they’re doing.

At Marsden, we’re finding more and more pet owners are using weighing scales at home to keep track of their cat or dog (primarily - although we do hear of other animals getting weighed at home regularly… Even a snake!).

A recent poster we published about signs of a healthy dog was so popular, we’ve now made a new healthy dog poster available, and you can download it below.

Tips For A Healthy Dog gives a few tips on how to keep your dog healthy and happy - whatever its size. Plus, it gives an idea of the ideal dog weight too. For a more detailed idea of the ideal dog weight, we also published a Puppy Chart last year.

Tips For A Healthy Dog is great if you’re a veterinary surgery, animal shelter or kennels owner. You can pop our poster on your wall where it will inform and encourage your visitors and customers to keep their pet dog healthy!

As a weighing scales manufacturer and seller, Marsden has been keen to promote pet health - and our range of veterinary scales now includes almost any pet size, shape and type. Most recently, we added the V-23 Portable Pet Scale to our range - allowing pet owners to weigh their cats or small dogs at home. You can find out more about the V-23 Portable Pet Scale here.

Alternatively, the V-100 is our best-selling veterinary scale - with a capacity of 100kg and available at just £69+VAT!

Our new poster is the perfect accompaniment to a Marsden vet scale!

For more information about Marsden veterinary scales, get in touch here. Download the Tips For A Healthy Dog poster by clicking below.

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