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Buyer's Guide: Weighing scales for farms and best solution

Buyer's Guide: Weighing scales for farms

Whether you're managing feeds, weighing produce or assessing livestock, weighing scales are crucial for farms.

Farms need scales which are robust, durable and highly accurate. In some cases, a waterproof scale is also beneficial so that the weighing can take place outside.

But what do you need to weigh on your farm and which weighing solution is best? This blog post explains.

For weighing livestock

Marsden’s range of animal scales are used by veterinary surgeons nationwide because they’re highly accurate, robust, easy to access and easy to use - and these features make them ideal for farm animals, too.

The Marsden V-150 is ideal for weighing large animals with a spacious stainless steel base.

Sallie Tyszko - a textile artist - ordered a scale for weighing sheep and goats. She told Marsden in this case study last year, “The V-150 scale is so low to the ground and easy to walk on for the animals - so they don’t even notice they are on the scale. It has an instant digital readout for the weights and can be recharged - it has made a big difference to us.”

For larger animals, the Marsden V-250 is 1050mm in length. Alternatively, the smaller Marsden V-100 is our best selling veterinary scale.

For weighing feeds

When choosing a scale for weighing feeds, the Marsden B-100 is the perfect solution. The scale’s IP68 rating ensures the scale is fully waterproof, and it's powered by a rechargeable battery, which means it can be used anywhere.

For weighing produce

If you are weighing produce, the B-100 is also ideal for smaller items, but for larger items try the Jadever AGT-C or Marsden HSS.

Like the B-100, the AGT-C is IP68 fully waterproof. It is also powered by rechargeable battery and has a choice of graduations and capacities, up to 150kg.

The highly robust HSS-I-200 is IP67 rated, and the stainless steel platter has a 304 food grade rating.

Getting produce out of the door

When it comes to weighing produce when they are ready to leave the farm, try the Marsden Mild Steel Platform Scale. It has a large durbar surface and the bright display is built for poor lighting conditions on the farm.

Alternatively, you can save time by weighing and transporting goods at the same time with a pallet truck scale. This video demonstrates the time you can save with this method compared to a platform scale, using the PT-500 Pallet Truck.

For farm shops

Lastly, if you are selling your produce on a farm shop then legally you need a Trade Approved scale for pricing based on weight. The DS-781SS is a fully waterproof retail scale and can store the weight and price information of 99 items. The similar DS-781 doesn’t boast an IP rating, but does have a waterproof keypad.

For more information on choosing the right weighing scales for your farm, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.