Digi DS-781SS Waterproof Price Computing Scale

The DS-781SS is a stainless steel, IP68 waterproof price computing scale by Digi. Price computing scales – also known as retail scales - are used to calculate the price of an item based on its weight. This makes portable retail scales like the DS-781SS perfect for small shops and market stalls.

What is the DS-781SS?

Because it is waterproof, the DS-781SS is hardy enough for wet, humid and dusty environments, or weighing wet produce. It also has both customer and operator displays, and 99 PLUs for faster transactions.



330mm x 290mm x 135mm

Power Supply:
Mains or 4 x c-size batteries

Battery Life:
600 hours of continuous use


Additional Features

  • Trade Approved weighing scale
  • Covered by 1 year warranty
  • IP68 rated waterproof
  • Large easy to read LCD front and rear displays
  • Zero
  • Tare
  • Price base switchable
  • 16 pre set keys
  • 99 PLUs
  • Price per kg/price per 100g


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Why should I choose a waterproof scale?

IP68 is the highest waterproof rating sold by Marsden. It makes the DS-781SS perfect for challenging environments, and where it needs to be regularly washed down to keep it hygienic. It also means it can be used to weigh product that may be wet or contain moisture, such as fish.

The DS-781SS is typically used in environments such as fishmongers and butcher shops.

A stainless steel scale also looks more professional to your customers than plastic retail scales, which can be prone to water ingress, greatly reducing their lifespan. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion, too.

Why is this scale Trade Approved?

It is a legal requirement that all scales used in the buying and selling of goods are Trade Approved. Since this is the purpose of retail scales, they must always be Trade Approved.

Trade Approved scales are subject to far more tests and checks than standard scales in order to ensure the customer is getting value for money. It also ensures weight readings are repeatable (i.e there is no discrepancy between readings if the same item is added to the scale again).

All the retail scales sold by Marsden are Trade Approved and have verification fees included in the price. Read more about Trade Approved scales in this blog post.

What are the benefits of the DS-781SS?

Aside from its IP68 waterproof rating, a key benefit of the DS-781SS is its portability. Four non-rechargeable C-sized batteries provide a massive 600 hours of continuous operation. The scale can be mains operated if desired - an AC adaptor is included.

This weighing scale has a capacity of 15kg, with an accuracy to the nearest 2g (up to 6 kilos) and 5g (to 15 kilos). It is also price base switchable - showing product price per kilo, or per 100g.

To find out more about this scale, speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

Click here to read a DS-781SS case study.

Where can I find out more?

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