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Buyer’s Guide: Which retail scales are right for you?

Buyer's Guide: Retail Scales

Shopkeepers know the importance of retail scales in their stores, but a helping hand when choosing the right scale for your needs is always appreciated.

Marsden’s price computing scales are portable, battery powered and have front and rear displays so product weight and price details can be seen by both the customer and operator.

When money is being exchanged because of the weight value, it is also a legal requirement that the scale being used is Trade Approved. All Marsden retail scales are Trade Approved, reliable and accurate.

But which retail scale is right for you? This blog post is here to help.

For accuracy to the nearest gram

The DS-781 is Marsden’s most accurate retail scale, with graduations to 1g.

The DS-781 has 99 PLUs for faster transactions. Powered by non-rechargeable batteries it is ideal for portable use on market stalls, where it can be used regardless of where the nearest plug socket is and the batteries can be easily changed.

A choice of capacities and graduations are available for this scale. It is also unit switchable, so the weight can be displayed per kilogram or per 100g. It’s an ideal retail scale for confectionery businesses who are weighing small items.

Click here for more information about the DS-781.

For wet and harsh environments

The Digi DS-781SS is a waterproof price computing scale.

With an IP68 rating, the scale is suitable for wet and harsh environments, like fishmongers and butcher shops. The stainless steel casing can also be washed down to keep it hygienic.

The rechargeable battery which powers the scale gives over 600 hours of continuous operation. It is also price base switchable, so can display the weight in either price per kilogram, or per 100g.

Click here for more information about the DS-781SS.

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