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Buyer's Guide: Warehouse Scales

Buyers’ Guide: Warehouse Scales

Warehouse scales - a term generally used to describe weighing scales that are suitable for warehouse and factory environments.

However, a warehouse scale can be one of a number of different types of weighing scales.

For example, scales used for weighing pallets for outgoing shipments, parts counting, weighing packaged goods and even gathering weight information whilst transporting goods or parts across the warehouse.

Inaccurate warehouse scales, or using the wrong scale for the job, can result in businesses losses, failure to comply with regulations and increased customer complaints.

So, as a leading supplier of weighing scales to British industry, Marsden is well placed to offer advice on the right scales for different uses in warehouses. Read on to find which warehouse scale is right for you.

Scales for quick, easy and accurate pallet weighing

Warehouse weighing scales can be used for numerous purposes. If you’re looking for a scale which is easy to load, easy to use and delivers accurate weight readings, then a drive thru scale is for you.

Marsden drive thru scales are fitted with two ramps, each with an incline of just 45mm, which makes it easy to roll a pallet truck onto the scale for weighing pallets.

For basic pallet weighing, our Drive Thru Scale with I-400 indicator has all the functions you needs including Tare, Hold and Accumulation. The large, bright indicator can be seen even in warehouse environments with poor lighting.

Alternatively the choose the JIK indicator, which features a RS-232 output. This optional USB lead from Marsden, the scale can be connected to a PC, and weight data transferred directly to an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively weight readings can be printed out using the optional printer.

You can also choose the JIK-APP indicator, which is Trade Approved, meaning it can legally be used when goods are bought or sold based on weight.

Scales for weighing pallets quickly and easily

The beauty of pallet truck scales is that a weight can be taken and the goods transported at the same time - speeding up warehouse processes as this video demonstrates.

The Marsden PT-500 is a heavy duty pump truck scale with a 2000kg capacity and bright red LED display. The indicator is easy to use, and features an Accumulation function for quick and simple weight calculations.

The Marsden PT-600 has the above features, as well as a built-in printer so weight readings can be printed out and stored.

Scales for checking outgoing shipments

For simply checking outgoing shipments, a floor scale is ideal with a spacious base size and high capacity. Marsden industrial floor scales offer basic weighing and a low profile platform that’s easy to add items to by hand.

The Marsden V-250 Floor Scale has a 250kg capacity and graduations to the nearest 100g. The scale can be powered by 6x AA batteries or from the mains. The stainless steel base can be wiped down, and weights can be taken in kg or lb.

Alternatively the smaller B-250 Bench Scale has five capacity and graduation options - from 15kg x 5g to 300kg x 100g. This robust digital weighing scale is ideal for small packets, parcels and boxes.

Scales for order and inventory checks

If you need a warehouse scale for order and inventory checks, a counting scale is for you.

The JCE Counting Scale is highly accurate, with graduations to 0.1g. It has three displays for unit weight, total weight and count. Plus, the scale has a range of counting functions including hi/lo check weighing, preset Tare (to remove unwanted weight), a full numeric keypad and built-in overload protection.

Scales for bulk weighing

For bulk or heavy duty weighing, a high capacity platform scale is ideal. Where a pallet truck scale gives you faster weighing processes, a platform scale gives greater accuracy - an essential feature in many warehouse environments.

As well as their high capacity, these scales are reinforced for strength and durability when weighing the heavy goods. A choice of indicators are available:

A stainless steel platform scale is also available. These are ideal for robust environments where they are likely to be knocked around a lot or subdued to heavy weather conditions.

As an alternative to platform scales, you can also consider weigh beams u frames and pit mounted scales. Weigh beams are portable scales which can be positioned the desired distance apart to suit the object you are weighing. A U frame is also portable with a built-in handle and wheels. Pit mounted scales are ideal for warehouse environments which are short on space, as they can be mounted into a pit in the factory floor.

Scales for harsh environments

Stainless steel scales carry an IP rating meaning they are waterproof against water and dust. IP68 rated scales carry full waterproof protection. Our fully waterproof stainless steel drive thru scale with the I-400SS indicator is certified IP68, meaning it can withstand being washed down to keep the scale hygienic and use in harsh environments.

Alternatively, the HSS bench scale and stainless steel weigh beams with the JIK indicator carry IP67 rating, meaning they are splashproof. Find out more about IP ratings here.

For further advice and guidance on weighing pallets you may find this guide useful. For more information about any of our scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.