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Diabetes: The Importance of Regular Weighing

Diabetes: The Importance of Regular Weighing

Diabetes is the number one health issue associated with being overweight and obese – according to GPs and pharmacists.

This was one of the findings in Marsden’s recent obesity survey – the results of which can be found here.

Now, we’ve put together a guide which will explain why maintaining a healthy weight is of vital importance to diabetics. GPs, dieticians, nurses and podiatrists involved in diabetic treatment will also find it useful.

Why should diabetics watch their weight?

Diabetes is especially difficult to control if a patient is overweight. Diabetes UK say that for those with Type 2 diabetes, ‘losing excess weight is the most effective way of managing your condition’.

Losing weight also has long term health benefits like improved blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fats (cholesterol) levels.

What do recent reports share?

In a recent report published by Diabetes UK revealed that an all-time high for type 2 and type 1 combined of 4.3m officially diagnosed cases and another 850,000 people living with one or other of the conditions but still to be diagnosed. While 2.4 million people are at high risk of developing the type 2 form in the UK.

Tips for how diabetics can manage their weight

Experts say diabetes can be aided by a healthy diet and physical exercise - and so emphasises the need to monitor the patient’s weight closely.

It is recommended that patients are weighed every time they see a medical professional. This means that the GP can spot changes more easily and make decisions relating to the patient’s health sooner.

Weighing scales can be used to work out whether you need to lose weight and to monitor the weight that has been lost. A doctor, nurse or dietician will calculate the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) and use a table - like this - to distinguish whether the patient is a healthy weight.

How can diabetic patients be weighed?

At Marsden we have 90 years of experience in the medical weighing sector, so are well placed to offer weighing solutions for diabetic patients.

The Marsden M-550: Our newest medical floor scale is already proving a big hit in GP surgeries. The scale has a large base, making it suitable for almost every patient – it is also accurate to 200g, five times more accurate than traditional mechanical scales it has been brought in to replace.

The Marsden M-530: This high capacity scale has an extra wide base and capacities up to 500kg, making it ideal for larger patients. The scale can be used to calculate BMI and a remote indicator ensures the weight information can be kept private.

To view our full range of medical scales click here.

For further information about scales suitable for diabetic patients, call Marsden on 01709 364296 or contact us here.