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The National Obesity Forum has recently outlined how pharmacists could help curb the obesity epidemic.

In a blog post about obesity and weight loss, Pharmacy Management Magazine highlighted that obesity awareness needs to be higher - many people who are overweight are actually unaware of it.

To help pharmacies and GPs with increasing awareness of obesity, what the side effects are and how to know if you are overweight, Marsden has produced a free A3-sized obesity awareness poster.

The ‘Am I Overweight?’ poster, which you can download below, gives your customers and patients an understanding of the dangers of being overweight or obese, and a chart so they can work out if you are a healthy weight. The chart highlights the ideal BMI based on height and weight.

The poster is a great addition to your consulting room or waiting room wall, where it will inform and encourage your visitors to stay fit and healthy!

As a weighing scales manufacturer and seller, Marsden are keen to promote good health and help increase awareness of obesity and the dangers of being overweight.

Our comprehensive range of Class III Approved medical scales are essential tools for obesity-related diagnosis - in fact, over half of NHS hospitals use them.

For GPs and pharmacies, the Marsden M-550 is our latest product. It’s a low cost Class III Approved floor scale that will give you five times the accuracy of traditional mechanical scales - for just £95+VAT. You can find out more about the M-550 here - or watch the video below.

Our new poster is the ideal companion to the M-550 Floor Scale, as well as other Marsden pharmacy scales and GP scales.

If you need help with choosing the right medical scales for your surgery or pharmacy, get in touch with the Marsden team here.

Download our ‘Am I Overweight?’ poster by clicking below.

Am I Overweight poster

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  • Patsy Foulkes
    Patsy Foulkes 06/01/2020 at 9:27 am

    The return of cooking and nutrition lessons within the education system until children leave school with qualified teaching staff, with the emphasis on a more plant based diet for all. Doctors surgeries need to bombard the public with information regarding diet and the link with poor health. Legislation preventing the production of poor quality, ready made food.

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