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Introducing the DS-781SS Waterproof Computing Retail Scale

Introducing the DS-781SS Waterproof Retail Scale

The best way to improve a product or service is to always be talking to your customers - and at Marsden, we’re pleased to say that thanks to our customers, we’ve been able to continuously improve our digital weighing scale offerings!

A great example of answering the needs of customers is the new DS-781SS - a waterproof price computing scale that has everything you need in a retail scale, but with the durability and water resistance of a stainless steel scale.

It’s a more versatile version of the DS-781, currently available here. Both the DS-781 and DS-781SS are manufactured by renowned digital weighing scales manufacturer Digi.

The DS-781SS Price Computing Scale is the latest addition to our range of retail scales. The existing retail scales in our range - particularly those used as catering scales - are popular, but a number of customers were saying they needed something that had a higher IP rating, as well as being trade approved.

The DS-781SS fits the brief perfectly. It’s a trade approved stainless steel weighing scale that’s IP68-rated, meaning it can withstand wet or humid conditions - such as those you may find in a butcher shop or fishmongers. In fact, just like the IP68-rated B-100 in our recent Tried & Tested video, you could probably drop it in a bucket of water and it would still work… Although we wouldn’t recommend it!

The benefit of IP68 rated retail scales means there’s no worry about water finding its way into the workings of the scale when you’re weighing, say, freshly-caught fish, or a wedge of moist meat. Plus, you can wipe the scale down between uses, or at the end of the day, to keep it clean and hygienic.

The DS-781SS benefits from 99 PLUs - pre-inputted product information so that weights and prices can be immediately accessed - to speed up transactions, and the clear front and back displays show the weight quickly and clearly. It has a 1/3000, EC Approved display resolution.

Plus, to make it extra ideal for market stalls, small shops and those needing a weighing solution on the move, the DS-781SS can be battery powered and will last more than 600 hours with continuous operation… That’s nearly a month of using it 24/7 and never switching it off!

We recently shot a video at Smithfield Meat Market in central London. It meant a 4am start for two of the Marsden team - but resulted in a number traders getting to see the DS-781SS in action for the first time, and makes for a great video, showing this portable retail scale in its natural environment. You can watch the video on the DS-781SS product page.

If you’d like to find out more about the new DS-781SS Waterproof Price Computing Scale, or you’d like more information, you can visit the product page - or just get in touch with us here.