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The top 7 heaviest items ever lifted

The top 7 heaviest items ever lifted

Marsden’s range of industrial weighing scales have measured countless heavy items in their time - from overweight pets to articulated lorries and heavy duty dumper trucks and diggers.

We have plenty of high capacity weighing scales available off the shelf, or bespoke scales for even heavier loads.

And while our scales have weighed some pretty heavy loads over the years, we were still surprised by the weights of the items on this list.

Ever wondered what the heaviest items ever lifted are? After some internet research, we have found seven of them - and here they are.

1. Steam engine turbine - weight: 850 tonnes

In 2010, a steam turbine engine weighing 850 tonnes was transported across Texas, United States. Because of how much it weighed, a custom vehicle needed to be created in order to move the load.

2. Ship haul - weight: 2,000 tonnes

Hauling a ship by hand may not be necessary but in 1999, Simon Ford did just that. He hauled the 2,000-tonne HMS Lancaster 25 feet before promptly collapsing upon completing the challenge - which he did for charity.

3. Rocket - weight: 3,100 tonnes

In the late 1960’s, the Saturn V rocket was constructed to send astronauts to the moon. NASA needed to transport the 3,100-tonne rocket several miles to its launchpad, so built the crawler transporter and covered the surface in river rock to avoid friction.

4. Hotel - weight: 4,800 tonnes

San Jose’s Hotel Montgomery was regarded as ‘too historic to demolish’ in 1989 - so when a new hotel was proposed to be built on the site, they moved this 4-story hotel 186 feet to make way.

5. Evaporator - weight: 4,891 tonnes

The 4,891-tonne evaporator was a piece of equipment for a water desalination plant - lifted by a Saudi Arabian lifting company in 2012. Moved on a truck with 688 tyres, the company plans to move plenty more in future.

6. The Titanic - weight: 26,000 tonnes

The ill-fated cruise ship weighed 26,000 tonnes when it was eased from the shipyard to its launch site. It was moved down the slipway with the help of a thick layer of tallow and soap.

7. Drilling platform - weight: 1.2 million tonnes

The Troll. A platform holds records for both the tallest and the heaviest item moved moved by man. At 1.2 million tonnes it needed moving 174 miles across water from the Norwegian coast - requiring help from 10 tugboats.

What are the heaviest items you need to move and weigh? If you need a high capacity, heavy duty weighing scale, speak to Marsden. For more information about any of our scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.