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7 things to consider when buying industrial weighing scales

7 things to consider when buying industrial weighing scales

As a leading provider of scales to British industry and around the world, we understand the importance of choosing the right scale for your business’ needs.

This blog post will help you find what you are looking for - taking you through the requirements to look for. If you still need our help - simply call us on 01709 364296.

Question 1: What will the scale be used for?

When deciding on your scale, it is important that you know what you will be using it for. Not every scale is the same - you will need a very different type of scale, for example for weighing large packages in distribution areas of a warehouse compared to the scale you would use for weighing and pricing a small item on a market stall.

For environments where weighing is pivotal throughout the process we’ve also put together free downloads which go into detail on what a number of scales will be used for. Read our guides to weighing in food processing.

Question 2: Where will it be used?

The next questions you need consider will help you to chose the scale’s attributes and capabilities that fit your requirements.

But first, you need to be sure that you and your business are in-keeping with regulations. Where weighing is concerned, one thing that you should be aware of is legal-for-trade regulations. The law states: if the scale is being used for a commercial transaction to determine a price by weight, legally the scale has to be Trade Approved.

Next you need to consider the location of the scale. Does it need to be moved around your premises or used in locations where there is no mains port? If yes, a battery-powered, portable scale is for you.

And do you need a waterproof scale? Are liquids likely to spill onto the scale or do you need something you can wash down after use to keep the scale hygienic? A guide to IP waterproof ratings can be found here.

Question 3: What capacity is required?

Next you should consider the capacities and graduations of the scale.

Think about what the largest total gross weight you will need to weigh on the scale - and use this to define the maximum capacity of the scale.

This total value should include the weight of any items needed for balance - such as a pallet or container - which will be tared away during the weighing process.

Question 4: What accuracy do you need?

Accuracy goes hand in hand with capacity - a general rule in weighing is that the higher the capacity of the scale is, the less accurate the scale will be.

In certain instances questions 3 and 4 will be reversed. It may be the case that you need to weigh to certain increments to meet company or industry standards, and this can be more important than the overall capacity.

The accuracy of a scale is determined through calibration. All Marsden scales are calibrated before use - however a regularly used scale can lose its accuracy over time, so it is important to keep your scale serviced - this offering from Marsden will include recalibration of the scale.

Question 5: Do you need to record your data?

You are now close to deciding what scale you need. Next you should consider whether you will need the weight information in future - whether that is for internal recordkeeping or for trading standards.

Marsden’s range of industrial weighing scales with data output mean you can transfer your weight data to a PC or print it out. These scales are fitted with an RS-232 port. The u-key cable can connect to the scale and a PC and instantly populate an Excel spreadsheet - simply follow these instructions.

Data transfer is used by companies to meet the new SOLAS requirements. This regulation means that a verified weigher needs to provide a copy of the weight in order freight to be accepted onto a vessel. Find out more here.

Question 6: What is your budget?

Now you are ready to compare the options you have found to your budget.

The greater your budget, the greater quality of product you are likely to receive.

Question 7: Which scale do you need?

You may have narrowed your selection down to a couple of items or you may think you’ve found the one.

Whether you need clarity that the scale you have found is right for your industry or you need more help when choosing between your options, you can always call the Marsden team on 01709 365296 or contact us here.