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A Guide to Industrial Scales with a Printer

A Guide to Industrial Scales with a Printer

As the leading UK supplier, Marsden offers a wide range of industrial scales for printing and recording weight.

If you’d like to take your operation to the next level and increase efficiency, then take a look at this guide to industrial scales with a printer and discover how using one could benefit your business.

Why print your weight data?

Many businesses are required to keep an up to date record of weight readings whether it is for compliance, to track orders and consignments, or to monitor processes.

Connecting your industrial scale to a printer to keep an accurate record of weight readings can help your business to reduce the number of costly errors, save on production time and improve customer service.

Make an accurate hard copy of your data

Printing an accurate hard copy of your weight data directly from the scale can help to save your business time as there is no need to record the readings manually.

This also reduces the risk of human error and allows the data to be shared across platforms and different sections of the production process. The weight readings can then be compared to previous weight information to ensure the consistency of the businesses products or manufacturing parts.

Create a sticky label and track consignments

Simply press the ‘Print’ on your scales indicator to print-out the display’s weight reading on to an easy-to-read sticky label so your customers will know exactly what they are receiving.

As well as an accurate weight reading, these labels can also include further information such as the date and time, company name and consignment number if your business is required to track any outgoing packages or shipments.

Improve Automated Weighing Processes

Many of our industrial scales with printer options are suitable for automated weighing processes and boast optional relay boards.

These industrial scales are able to monitor and improve your businesses process and have the capability to turn other devices on or off when liquid filling or weight limits are met.

How can Industrial Scales with a printer save your business money?

At Marsden, our most popular industrial scales for printing and recording weight readings are fitted with the Jadever JIK indicator. These scales can be connected to a computer device using the Scale to PC USB Lead without any additional software.

Jadever JIK Trade Approved Check Weighing Indicator
Jadever JIK Trade Approved Check Weighing Indicator

It is then possible to populate a document such as an Excel Spreadsheet with the relevant weight data. This affordable solution will save your business both time and money, especially if recording weight information is part of your daily operation.

Choosing an Industrial Scale with a Printer

If your business needs to regularly print or record weight readings, then why not choose an industrial scale with a printer.

Our wide range of Marsden scales for printing and recording weight are easy to set up and provide an affordable solution for businesses who want to integrate the scale into existing processes or revolutionise how they operate.

Bench Scales with options to send weight to printer or PC

If your business needs a way to print or record your weight readings automatically then the Marsden MSS Mild Steel Bench Scale may be the ideal solution with the JIK indicator. It's suitable for automatic weighing processes, this industrial bench scale can help to save your business both time and money with its scale to pc USB lead.

We also offer the Marsden HSS Stainless Steel Bench Scale. This can be paired with the Baykon BX22 Indicator and can be built to your businesses requirements to streamline a range of processes using its bespoke software.

Industrial Platform Scales & Drive Thrus with options to send weight to printer or PC

If your business requires a durable scale for check weighing or automated weighing processes then the Marsden Mild Steel Platform Scale with the JIK indicator may be an affordable solution with a maximum capacity of 3000kg.

We also offer the Marsden Stainless Steel Platform Scale with the 500 Indicator. This versatile scale can be used for automated weighing, batching, loading and filling and allows for greater control in more challenging work environments.

Weigh beams with options to send weight to Printer or PC

Combined with the optional USB lead and printer, the Marsden Weigh beams are an ideal portable weighing scale for ensuring accurate weight readings in warehouses and factories.

For Trade Approved weigh beams, simply pair them with the Trade Approved JIK Indicator that has been verified and calibrated for trading standards.

U-Frames with options to send weight to Printer or PC

Discover Marsden's U Frame Pallet Scale with the JIK indicator, designed for easy pallet weighing and speeding up a wide range of weighing processes. This portable scale is easy to use and boast quick weight data printing and recording options.

For easy pallet weighing in a damp, humid or dusty warehouse and factory environments, take a look at the the stainless steel version.

To find out more about our range of professional weighing scales with printer options, or to discover how introducing a scale for printing and recording, or an automated weighing process can benefit your business call the Marsden team on 01709 364 296 or email

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