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Is a Washdown Scale Relevant for Your Industry?

Is a Washdown Scale Relevant for Your Industry?

There are many industries that require weighing scales, but operate in dirty and damp locations. This means that scales are replaced often, and at a high cost to the business.

But, washdown scales are actually well-suited in these scenarios. They last longer and are more reliable than regular weighing scales, and can also save the business money!

What Is a Washdown Scale?

Washdown scales are designed to protect the inner components of the scale from dust and water. In order to do this, they are made with durable materials, such as stainless steel, which increase the longevity of the scale. This also reduces the likelihood of precision being compromised by demanding settings. Plus they can be thoroughly washed down after use.

But what’s the difference between a washdown scale and a normal scale? Well, a washdown scale receives an IP rating. This certifies the scale as being able to withstand harsh environments and a thorough hosing down. There are different levels of IP rating, however. So while some scales may withstand being washed down with a high-pressure hose, others may only be able to be cleaned with a wet wipe. Our blog post IP ratings explained covers IP ratings in greater depth, and offers a downloadable IP ratings chart. Check it out if you want to thoroughly understand IP ratings.

Industries That Use Washdown Scales

Waterproof scales are relevant in a number of industries, as they are robust and easy to clean. These industries range from food and drink to pharmaceuticals and even construction. We’ll cover the advantages for each in more depth below:

Food and Drink Industry

Naturally, there are strict hygiene standards in place in the food and drink industry, so scales are required to be in pristine condition. The benefit of washdown scales is that they can handle frequent and thorough cleanings, which reduces the possibility of cross-contamination by removing any residual food particles. By choosing a Trade Approved washdown scale, such as the Marsden B-400 Bench Scale, you’re not only complying with food hygiene standards, but also simplifying the process by following NAWI directives. When buying or selling based on weighing, it's vital that you use Trade Approved weighing scales.

Retail Stores

Speaking of following NAWI directives, butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers should also use Trade Approved washdown scales. It is a legal requirement to weigh products, if they’re sold based on weight. It’s also essential, in some circumstances, to clean between customers to avoid cross-contamination.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

A sterile environment is vital in medical and pharmaceutical industries, in order to avoid contamination. It’s imperative that cross-contamination is not a risk when weighing samples or chemicals, so a scale that can be thoroughly cleaned is very important.


Thanks to their stainless steel construct, washdown scales are perfect for use in construction. They can be used to weigh building materials for houses, such as slate or brick, without worry that the dust and particles will damage the scale. This would be useful to ensure that you have enough supplies to start on-site work. Although not vital in this situation, they can also be washed down thoroughly after use to maintain a professional appearance.

Factories and Mining

Washdown scales can also be used in factories and in the mining industry. This is because they are accurate and durable, and can resist water and dust. Their robust features make them ideal for use in rugged environments.

Further Reading

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