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Why Should You Use The M-615 In The Community?

M-615 Community

Since bringing the M-615 Lightweight Wheelchair Scale to market in 2021, it has quickly became one of the quickest moving products in our range. This device solves the problem of being able to conveniently weigh wheelchair bound patients, in the community and in a dignified manner.

In this post we are going to share why it is imperative to ensure that accurate weights are obtained for all individuals, including those in the community. Instaces where without the Marsden M-615, an accurate weight would be difficult to retreive.

Monitoring Overall Health

Weight is a cruticial monitoring tool that can be used as a marker of an individuals general health. Significant weight loss or gain can be indicative of underlying health issues or the effectiveness of treatment plans.

The M-615 can easily weigh individuals within the community that are wheelchair bound and with BMI mode, it is simple and easy to calculate

Assessing Nutritional Status

Weight is an essential parameter in evaluating a patient's nutritional status. Monitoring weight can help you identify malnutrition or other nutritional imbalances that may require intervention by a healthcare professional.

Managing Chronic Conditions

For patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes, weight monitoring is a crutial tool. It provides valuable information about fluid retention, organ function and responsiveness to treatment. Fluctuations in weight can indicate disease progression or treatment effectiveness.

Medication Management

There many medications which an individual can be perscribed that are weight-based. This means that prior to perscribing, an accurate weight must be obtained to ensure that the dosage is correct. This is why it is imperative that accurate weights can be easily obtained for all individuals, regardless of disability.


Weight measurement is an integral part of screening for various disorders and diseases. Body mass index (BMI), which is calculated using weight and height, helps assess obesity and associated health risks. Weight measurements also contribute to diagnosing conditions like eating disorders.

Personalised Care Plans

Weighing patients in the community allows healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans according to individual needs. It helps identify patients who require additional support, such as dietary counseling or specialist intervention.

The M-615 has quickly become a go-to piece of diagnosis equipment to ensure that all patients, regardless of ability can be accuratly and safely monitored, medicated and treated suitably. For more information on the M-615 or our other wheelchair scales in the Marsden range, browse the product selection.

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