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10 Reasons pallet trucks are essential for freight companies

10 Reasons why pallet truck scales are essential for freight companies

Freight as an industry relies on weighing equipment for a number of reasons - and at Marsden we provide a number of different weighing solutions to suit, ranging from platforms to pallet truck scales.

For freight companies, a weighing scale is essential for safety, regulation, cost and operation.

If an inaccurate scale is used, this can lead to incorrect invoicing, customer complaints, non-compliance with regulations, safety problems, productivity issues and more.

Pallet truck scales are an indispensable item for freight operations. Even in the most challenging conditions, pallet truck scales provide precise weighing - so that there are no discrepancies between the stated weight of an item and actual weight. But why are pallet scales so crucial to the freight industry?

1) Convenience

Pallet truck scales are a convenient way of weighing and transporting goods. Because the pallet truck scale is on wheels it can be easily maneuvered to where the goods are located. All Marsden pallet trucks are also powered by rechargeable battery.

2) Time is saved

Goods can be weighed whilst being moved from A to B when using a pallet truck scale, which removes the time-consuming task of placing the goods on a static platform scale and then on to dispatch areas. More information can be found in this video.

3) Reduced labour costs

Another key advantage of weighing your goods using a pallet truck scale are the cost savings. Time is money, and thanks to the efficiency of a pallet truck scale, weighing can be completed quickly and easily by one employee, meaning that resources can be better utilised elsewhere.

4) Versatility

Marsden's range of pallet truck scales are built with versatility in mind. Robustly constructed with quality materials, with mild steel and stainless steel versions available. All of our pallet trucks are easy to manoeuvre, operate and read. Our PT-400 is an IP67-rated, stainless steel pump truck, which is ideal for use within damp and humid environments. For use in factories in warehouses we have our popular PT-500, featuring from a large, bright LED display. And for an option with printing facility, check out our PT-600.

5) Robustness

All Marsden scales are constructed from high quality materials and components to give the scale a long life of accurate weighing. With the exception of our stainless steel PT-400, our pallet truck range consist of mild steel forks, as well as heavy duty load cells for robust weighing.

6) Can easily weigh oversized loads

With a fork length of 1150mm these pump truck scales are suitable for weighing large goods - and with a capacity of 2000g they can withstand the weight of even the heaviest of loads that you may need to weigh and transport.

7) Safety is improved

If goods are not weighed before loading a vehicle or are weighed inaccurately, it can make the vehicle which they are being transported in potentially unsafe. If a vehicle is overloaded, it can become unstable and hazardous not just to the driver of the vehicle, but to other people on the road. More information can be found here.

8) Continuous use won't affect performance

Our pallet truck scales are constructed from high quality materials which will last you through many years of continuous use. To ensure that our scales remain accurate and reliable we recommend our industrial service contracts, which means that a highly qualified engineer will pay you a visit to ensure the scale is maintaining its high level of accuracy. Find out more about our range of service contracts here.

9) Print out your weight

Marsden's PT-200 and PT-600 scales are fitted with a printer which means that a hard copy of the weight reading can be printed out and stored for reference in the future.

10) Can be customised to your needs

The pallet scale range provides options to cover most weighing needs - but if you still can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us. We've put together a new bespoke section in order to customise for your weighing needs.

To view our pallet truck scales range click here. For more information on any of our scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.