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7 key benefits of using portable industrial weighing scales

7 key benefits of using portable scales

Marsden’s industrial scales range caters for almost any weighing need. By choosing industrial portable scales you can weigh anywhere you need to, whether that be on a market stall or surrounded by farmlands.

Portable scales do not need a permanent connection to the mains in order to run - powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries they can be used whenever or wherever you need them.

There are plenty of benefits associated with our portable scales. This blog post explains in 7 reasons why choosing portable scales can benefit your business. You can let us know benefits you have discovered from using portable scales by posting a comment below.

1. Convenience

Portable scales add flexibility to your weighing process, as they can be taken anywhere you need them to go. They can be stored in a convenient location and are ready to be used at any time. For example, axle weigh pads can be stored in the back of a truck and can be taken with you anywhere, ready to weigh in any place at any time.

2.Easy to carry

Our portable scales are designed to be easy to carry. They are lightweight and many include a carry handle, meaning they can be taken to your chosen destination with ease.

3. Time savings

Because a portable scale is accessible wherever you need it, time savings can be made. Basically, you can take scale to where you need it instead of having to take the items requiring weighing to the scale. In a warehouse, the scale can be taken to and positioned at the foot of a conveyor belt, so goods can be weighed as part of this process. There is no need to position the scale near a mains port, or carry the good from the conveyor belt to another part of the warehouse to be weighed. An employee’s time is saved, which instead can be spent doing something more productive.

4. Cost savings

As well as saving an employee’s time, it also means that labour costs are reduced by choosing a portable scale. In business, ‘time is money’ and their time can instead be better spent - potentially creating greater revenue for the business.

5. Economic choice

Most portable industrial scales are fitted with an internal rechargeable battery. Because rechargeable batteries can be used hundred or even thousands of times they pay for themselves over time. They are better for the environment too, consuming up to 23 times less non-renewable natural resources than disposable batteries and having 28 times less impact on global warming.

6. Transfer weight data

Many of our portable scales are fitted with an RS-232 port, which means that using a u-key, the scale can be connected to a PC. Therefore, regardless of where the weighing is taking place, a permanent record of the weight can be gathered and stored. An optional printer can also be connected to the scale for a hard copy of weight results.

7. Warranty and optional service contracts

As you may be using a portable scale so it can be taken anywhere, it is critical your scale is protected so that it continues to provide reliable, accurate readings. Marsden industrial scales are protected by a one year warranty. Further, an optional service contract means that a highly trained engineer will visit your business and ensure the scale is repaired, maintained and kept accurate. Find out more here.

For more information on portable scales and for help in choosing the right portable scale for your needs, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.