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What is your recommended daily calorie intake? (Free Poster)

What is your recommended daily calorie intake? (Free Poster)

As a weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden is naturally keen to promote healthy living.

To do this, we’ve created a poster that provides details of what your daily diet should consist of.

The poster is an eye-catching illustration of the Government’s Recommended Daily Intake in simple terms. Foods shown, of course, are for pictoral purposes only - we don’t expect you to only eat bread, apples, eggs and milk every day!

Always remember that a healthy diet is high in variety, fibre, complex carbohydrates and natural colours - and low in salts, fats and sugars.

The poster is great as a guide if you are using the Smart Diet Scale, and may help you plan your meals each day too. Of course, you can work out food weights and calorie counts for each meal by using the Smart Diet Scale.

Then, you can use a Marsden scale like the M-550 to keep an eye on your weight each day!

If you’re a pharmacist or GP, this poster is a great addition to your wall, promoting healthy living and eating.

You can also order the Marsden M-550 Floor Scale here.

Click below to download the What is you recommended daily calorie intake? poster.

Download daily calorie intake poster