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The M-615 Portable Wheelchair Scale is back in stock!

The M-615 Wheelchair Scale is now available for purchase!

A couple of months ago, we shared the fantastic news that the M-615 Portable Wheelchair Scale had launched. We didn’t anticipate the high volume of demand for this product and within only a few weeks, we had sold out completely. We have been working tirelessly over the past couple of months to ensure that we have enough stock to keep up with demand. We are now thrilled to be able to announce that as of next week (week commencing 09/05/2022), we will once again have stock of the M-615 wheelchair scale.

Recently, we shared our white paper titled, ‘Weighing Up the Risks’. In this document, we shared that one of our core goals and that is to ensure that accurate weights can be obtained for all, therefore improving patient outcomes.

To achieve this goal, weight estimation needs to be a thing of the past, adequate training must be provided and more importantly, there needs to be the correct apparatus available. For a long time, wheelchair users have struggled to obtain an accurate weight, especially within the community, this is why we have manufactured the M-615 Portable Wheelchair Scale.

How was the M-615 developed?

In late 2019, we received an email from one of our longstanding customers, Birmingham Community NHS Foundation Trust. They wanted to adapt our existing M-610 Wheelchair Weigh Beams to be more portable and easier to use within the community.

Here at Marsden, we understood the assignment and got to work on a prototype. During the design and development process, there were many hurdles to overcome. Such as designing the ramps so they weren’t too steep and ensuring that most wheelchairs would fit on the device.

Leading up to the launch of the M-615 Wheelchair Weigh Beams, we have obtained the feedback of many healthcare professionals and wheelchair users to ensure that the device ticks all of the boxes for the individuals that will be using the weighing scale.

What is the M-615?

The M-615 Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams are a set of wheelchair beams, connected by a series of hinges. This means that you simply sit the device on the floor, gently pull apart the magnetic handles, lay the beams on the floor, plug in the indicator and you are ready to weigh.

This device is different from other wheelchair scales on the market for a number of reasons:

  • The device weighs only 8.5kg, making it ideal for use in the community

  • An optional carry case will be available shortly, which will enable to wheel the device around, alleviating issues regarding transportation

  • The M-615 is a one piece unit, meaning that you do not have to position and connect the beams with cables

  • The beams have been trailed against a wide variety of wheelchair wheelbases, meaning inclusivity of a wheelchair users

What are the ideal environments for the M-615?

The M-615 Portable Wheelchair weigh beams were designed with users in the community at the forefront of the design. We wanted to develop something that was ideal for healthcare workers travelling to patients and for wheelchair bound individuals to have the ability to weigh themselves independently.

Aside from the community, the M-615 will find itself at home in any environment where wheelchair bound users present. Whether it be within a hospital, care home and even a GP surgery. Because of the size and design, these portable weigh beams are suitable for any area which is tight on space because they can be stored away conveniently when not in use, which is not the same for other wheelchair scales and platforms on the market.

What are the benefits of using the M-615?

The M-615 is a truly unique wheelchair weighing scale and we are incredibly proud of this launch. We know that the impact that this device will be significant in ensuring that accurate weights can be easily obtained for all patients. Here are the key benefit of the M-615:

  • Truly portable weighing device with a carry case and minimal wires

  • High capacity weighing up to 300kg

  • Inclusive beams that can fit a broad range of wheelchairs

  • Suitable for use in hospitals, the community and by individuals at home

  • Optional carry case with wheels for enhanced storage and transportation

We are incredibly proud to launch the M-615 Portable Wheelchair Scale. This will revolutionise weighing in the community and ensure that accurate weights can be obtained for all. To community health visitors, this will be an integral part of their arsenal, plus it is lightweight and easy to transport. For wheelchair bound individuals, this device will provide an independent method of monitoring weight.

For more information, to see the M-615 or to make a purchase,
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