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Do you need waterproof retail scales? (DS-781SS example)

Do you need waterproof retail scales?

Just how waterproof are your retail scales?

If you’re a fishmonger, a butcher or a meat wholesaler, you’ll know how important it is that the weighing scales you use are waterproof.

But having spoken to many of our new customers, we know that some retail scales used by butchers, fishmongers and meat wholesalers are simply not up to the job. That’s exactly why they’re new customers - because they’re now using the DS-781SS!

The stainless steel, Trade Approved DS-781SS Waterproof Retail Scale was launched late last year, after Marsden had spoken to a number of fishmongers about the weighing scales they used.

Every one of them explained how their scales lasted six months - a year at best - before breaking down, and that water ingress was the cause. Water in the inner workings, water under the keypad… It got everywhere.

With 90 years’ experience in weighing, we knew we could find a solution...

The DS-781SS was our response. Its IP68 rated, wash-down casing has been a huge hit - and, following on from our display at the BeerX show featuring a B-100 Bench Scale in a fish tank, we wanted to show what our waterproof retail scale could withstand, too.

In the video below, Paul McCaig gets the DS-781SS all wet and soapy. The video shows you how this complete wash down not only keeps this retail scale clean and hygienic - it proves that this scale is built for the job.

See the waterproof DS-781SS here and the waterproof B-100 here.