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Reasons for Using Platform Scales

Why would you use platform scales?

Industrial Platform Scales are versatile and can improve efficiency in a wide range of operations and industries. Ideal for heavy-duty weighing, platform scales are often used in warehouses, factories, and distribution centres to weigh out-going palletised goods.

Platform scales have a larger surface than a typical weighing scale and can easily weigh larger and bulkier or awkwardly shaped loads. They are available in a range of high capacities and graduations for weighing heavy items. Many platform scales also have a separate indicator so that the platform can be positioned in the most efficient space in a warehouse or factory with the indicator nearby but out of the way for ease of use.

At Marsden, we offer a wide range of industrial platform scales in various sizes, graduations and capacities of up to 5 tonnes. Discover more reasons for using platform scales and choose a suitable industrial platform scale for your operation.

Speed Up Weighing Process

Platform scales can improve efficiency and increase productivity in the workplace by speeding up the weighing process.

If your operation involves weighing pallets then this can be done quickly using a platform scale. Forklift trucks can be used to load the pallets onto the platform and accurately weigh the load in less than half a minute.

We also offer a range of Drive-Thru Platform Scales with low incline ramps for faster weighing without the need for forklift trucks. A stainless steel version of the Drive-Thru Scales is also available.

Streamline Your Operation

Although industrial platform scales have a large weighing area, they can actually take up less space than other weighing solutions as there is no column-mounted indicator. As mentioned, the indicator can instead be mounted on a wall away from the platform.

At Marsden, we also sell pit mounted platform scales, also known as dormant scales, which are sunk into the ground and ideal for work environments where space is limited.


Platform scales are built to last and can ensure accurate weighing results even when used daily over a long period of time. Our easy-to-clean, stainless steel platform scales are IP-certified and ideal for weighing items in humid, damp or dusty work environments. Our washdown platform scales are particularly ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Take a look at the reliable Marsden stainless steel platform scales, which have a waterproof IP68 base. These scales are robust and long-lasting.

High Capacity Weighing Scales

Platform scales usually have a capacity that is suitable for a wide range of weighing applications.

At Marsden, the lowest capacity of our platform scales is 600kg. However, some of our platform scales boast an impressive 5000kg capacity.

Discover Accurate & Reliable Platform Scales at Marsden

Take a look at our full range of industrial platform scales at Marsden and find the best weighing scale for your manufacturing, dispatch or warehouse operations.

If you’d like more information about our weighing products, call our experienced Marsden team on 01709 364 296, or email

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