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DS-781SS Is The Fishmongers' Friend

DS-781SS is the fishmongers friend

In summer 2015, Marsden spoke to a number of customers about their front of shop, trade approved weighing scales. Many were using Marsden scales for check weighing at the back of the shop but, because Marsden didn’t offer a trade approved, waterproof retail scale, other solutions were being used front-of-shop.

However, as we discovered, the popular choice of retail scales for fishmongers was barely fit for purpose - and the market was crying out for something better.

Enter the stainless steel, trade-approved DS-781SS from Marsden. Among those who purchased one of our waterproof retail scales in the first few months was Macsorsons Fishmongers, of Axminster, Devon.

“We are a small family owned fishmongers and I had been desperately searching for a waterproof scale,” says Christina Herbert, of Macsorsons. We’d been using the Avery Berkel fx50 and experienced problems with moisture under the keypad.”

Being a fishmonger’s, Macsorsons needed a waterproof solution that could be kept hygienic. But they visit local markets four times a week, so needed a portable solution too.

“We’ve had it set up in the shop but as the Marsden scale is battery powered we can take it to markets. It looks nicer, too. Customers associate stainless steel with being clean and hygienic.”

“Black plastic scales are fine but after a while they just look tired.”

And as for using the DS-781SS for transactions, Christina adds that it’s definitely made life easier. “The keyboard layout, the order of the buttons, is much better than our previous scales. The buttons are more responsive, too, and need a much lighter touch.”

“We’ll definitely be ordering a second set.”

Order the waterproof DS-781SS Retail Scale here.