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Marsden V-100 Makes Mobile Pet Weighing Easier

Marsden V-100 Makes Mobile Pet Weighing Easier

The Marsden V-100 is a 100kg scale commonly used by veterinary practices, breeders and owners for weighing medium-sized pets, from cats to larger dogs.

As well as being a fixed asset in veterinary surgeries and clinics, it is has also been a success in mobile pet weighing, as Lorraine Hobday explains.

Vet Nurse Direct was formed in Wigan, Lancashire in 2014. With a background in animal care the owners have created a business model encompassing a range of pet-related services including dog walking, feeding, microchipping, pet transport and mobile veterinary services.

They needed a veterinary scale for their mobile services - something that was portable, easy to use and suitable for a range of animals - and this is where our V-100 Veterinary Scale came in.

Portable and lightweight

Owner and founder Lorraine Hobday explained, “The scale is used for my Pet Wellbeing clinics which I offer as part of my mobile veterinary services.”

“The V-100 was chosen because I was looking for a portable, lightweight walk-on scale for my mobile veterinary nursing service where I can weigh my clients’ pets efficiently and accurately.”

The scale is battery powered – by just two AAA batteries – meaning it can be used anywhere. It is lightweight and accurate to the nearest 50g.

“Originally I was considering more expensive veterinary scales but in the long term they really did not appeal to me as they were heavy and needed to be plugged in. The V-100 does everything I need it to do anyway.”

Weighing without fuss

The scale’s features include Hold and Tare. Hold stabilises the weight reading, and also means the weight remains displayed after the animal steps – or jumps – off the scale. Tare allows for any unwanted weight, such as collar or lead, to be removed, leaving just the weight of the animal.

Lorraine continued, “The most useful feature for me is the ‘Hold’ button as I can record the animal’s weight quickly and without fuss. Plus the scale is lightweight and the design is really nice.”

Impressed clients

“It has made a big difference to my business as I’m able to transport the scale to clients’ homes. I am able to get accurate readings and my clients are really impressed by the scale as it saves them time, as they no longer need to travel to the vets to get their pets weighed.”

Pet obesity is a growing problem, with a recent Marsden survey showing that 58% of pets are overweight, according to vets. Regular weighing of pets can help reduce this, along with a healthier diet and increased exercise. Marsden’s Tips for a Healthy Pet poster is still available to download.

Lorraine’s assessment of the scale concluded, “Overall I am very impressed by the V-100 and as my own dog is on a diet I am able to weigh her regularly as well.”

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