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V-250 Veterinary Scale Donation Helps Combat PTSD

Marsden V-250 Veterinary Scale donations helps combat PTSD

In 2016, Marsden donated a 250kg V-250 Large Veterinary Scale to UK registered charity, Veterans With Dogs. The weighing scale was needed in order to provide retired servicemen, suffering from mental health issues, with fit and healthy dogs - in order to help them cope with their illness.

Veterans With Dogs was established by Craig MacLellan, who suffers from PTSD, when he realised how his dog helped him through his own treatment. The charity is growing day-by-day in supporting veterans suffering from PTSD.

VWD accepts veterans with their own dogs that fit their criteria and assessment. In 2016, they also began bringing through carefully selected puppies to be socialised, trained and placed with a veteran.

Since taking delivery of the V-250 scale, Veterans with Dogs have been very happy, and are looking to use the scales even more frequently from the autumn.

Used for health checks

Julie Morrish, Administration Support and Official Photographer at VWD told us, “The scales will be used as part of our health checks to monitor each dog placed when our veterans attend for training.”

“Fully qualified assistance dogs are regularly assessed, and for this the Marsden V-250 scale will be used on an ongoing basis.”

The V-250 has a large weighing base so can be used to monitor the health of the small, medium and large dogs used by VWD.

“We’ll be using the scales on a weekly basis from October,” Julie said.

Clear and Easy to Use

The V-250 has a super-sized stainless steel base and is easy to wash down and keep hygienic. The indicator is simple to use, with the weight reading clearly displayed on the bright LCD display.

Julie continued, “We have tried the scales with a few dogs so far and found them to be very clear and easy in use.”

The scale is also unit switchable so the dogs can be weighed in either kilograms or pounds. It has accuracy to the nearest 100g.

Full assessment

Julie expects the scales to make a positive impact on the charity going forward, “The scales will make a big difference to being able to fully assess our dogs in attendance for weight and monitoring our growing puppies.”

“We can provide the right information on diet and exercise if a dog is becoming slightly over or underweight.”

To find out more information on how to keep your dog healthy, you can download our Tips For A Healthy Dog poster.

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